“The Apostles clung to Mary for support in the tasks they knew they had to fulfill according to His Directions.  As they spread out amongst the people, they gathered other men who felt the responsibility, and thus an order of control to such an Important Institution had to be accomplished.  Not all the men were living Saints, but the strength that always held this Institution together was the Power of The Holy Ghost.  Through time there have been many bad men, good men, tepid men, weak men, and sincere Holy men, who have occupied important positions in this Church that Jesus Christ instituted.

The way of life through all the periods of time that the last two thousand years have experienced, gave the History of The Church a multitude of types in how many Popes and other men in The Church lived, some as physical warriors in the field, some as pompous egotists, but through all the types of people The Church had to endure, it was The Holy Ghost that gave substance, subsistence and strength to the purpose of this Church.  Such Pure Truths could never be destroyed, because God would always insure His Truths with men who bore a tremendous strength of Faith in Him, with full sincere conviction to carry out His Will above all obstacles.  Saints are our reminders of such courageous dedication and commitments.

At this time in the present History that is being made in Holy Mother Church, the words to explain the problems, the troubles, the chaos, the turmoil, can be summed up as a diabolical scheme to destroy what God Himself established and instituted for the sake of mankind.  Here again, as in the early History of Holy Mother Church, we have to deal with the personalities, the characters, the weaknesses, the moods, the lack of Faith in the men who have been appointed, or who have worked their way to authoritative positions in what is called ‘control areas’ of this God-given, God-instituted Church. We are dealing with men, and that is how we should first look at this situation, in order to conquer the diabolical scheme that so many men are allowing themselves to be a part of.

Satan uses the weaknesses of man, so the first step is to let these men know that we are no longer going to allow them to subject us to their lack of Faith through their innuendos, the sarcasms, their belittling remarks and gestures, their abusive language to the faithful, their carnival antics reproaching the solemnity, dignity and piety of so many of the faithful, their constant so-called updating The Church in actually diminishing the Truths of The Church, and uniting The One True Church with other religious practices that broke away from The One True Church because they did not agree, could not get their way, wanted change to please themselves, ignoring what God wanted, and also, always trying to improve on what God had established.

As Roman Catholics we have the right to complain.  We have the right to speak our feelings.  We have the right to make these men be respectful to us, for do not forget, we are the body of The Church and their positions are nothing without the body of The Church’s support.

Satan in his diabolical manner used the so-called authority avenues in Holy Mother Church to kill the body of The Church.  He tried to use the lesser number in imitation of how God works.  All through time God has used one individual to pass His Messages on to reveal great Visions, to support mankind’s Faith in Him.  Satan, in his diabolical scheme, felt that if he destroyed the Faith of the so-called authority, he would destroy the millions of people who would be led by the authority.

In Sound Faith, in True Faith, in Pure Faith, there is no competitiveness because there is enough Love in God for all of us.  He created all of us and each of us is special to Him.  He is united to us and with us through our Soul.  Men forget the hate and the jealousy that satan has for God and for man.

Let us look at the pure sound logical value of what Roman Catholicism is based on and consists of.  Stop encouraging or allowing any diabolical scheme to penetrate the Beauty, Stability, and Truths of Holy Mother Church.”

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