“What is charity?  Where are its bounds?  What are its limits?  In what phase of life should it be exercised?  Under what conditions is charity necessary?  Are there strict rules regarding the act of charity?  Is charity an ability that some one person has and not another person?  Is charity restricted to a race, a color, or a creed?  Is charity just for monetary needs, or just when another person is hungry or when clothing is needed?  How do you exercise your feelings about charity, your actions in charity, and/or your example of charity?

Most people consider charity only a necessary act when there is an obvious need for action to be taken.  This is a ridiculous idea of what charity encompasses, includes, or encourages.

Charity is a daily act of living.  Charity has its verbal participation which encompasses consideration, politeness, humility, discretion, manners, and an inward desire to act with respect to another human being for the benefit of all concerned.

Charity is action when one’s self is set aside for the benefit of another human being.  Charity is tact in many situations.  Charity is compassion, consideration, concern, consolation, aiding a situation, a person, or a cause, to have a sound logical solution or result.  Charity benefits everyone when it is done with grace, poise, dignity, and sincere willingness to perform for the benefit of another person.

Most people consider charity on a totally material or physical evaluation.  Charity is much more than this.  God Himself showed us a tremendous Act of Charity in our very creation, for this was the Ultimate Gift of Love to man.  His Acts of Charity to us are too numerous to mention, but it is easy to see His Act of Charity in the Ten Commandments, in the Establishing of Holy Mother Church, and in giving Himself and of Himself to institute the vocation of the Priesthood for the benefit of each man’s Soul.

Charity has no limits, has no boundaries, and is for every race, color and creed.  Charity should be in the hearts and the minds of all people.

The opposite of charity is, of course, selfishness, self-love, a lack of integrity, a lack of dignity, a lack of respect for God, and all other people, and there is no excuse for a lack of charity from anyone.

Many times a lack of dignity, a lack of consideration or selfishness, provoke uncharitable reactions and actions.  It is necessary that all men look at charity not just as a symbolism, but as an act of responsibility that must be practiced daily, even momentarily.”

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