ON NOVEMBER 11, 1981


“What do you accept for yourself first, then what is acceptable by you as a normal, natural form of moral values and moral standards?

Do you have a habit of making excuses for what you feel is normally okay even when you feel uncomfortable with it?

Do you have a habit of justifying many things by saying it is part of growing up, it is a means to maturing, it is a process of recognizing facts, it is a time of understanding truths, it is a learning mechanism to seek logic?

Do you really go through all these determinations before you act?  NO, YOU DON’T.

For the most part people justify everything that is comfortable for them so they are not confronted with the realization of a decision that could border on disaster or being totally wrong.

For instance, TV displays many justifications for immorality, setting up standards of foul, corrupt, indecent, vile situations surrounding the lives of many people.  A vulgar exotic dancer is also a social worker, a teacher, a counselor.  Immoral shows are put under the guise of entertainment, and throughout the show the justification for why a person or persons arrive at sordid intimacies is totally justified by the predicaments they get into, their unhappiness in life, the traps that other people set for them that they cannot escape from, and so on, and so on, and so on.

The justification does not absolve the participants from total mortal, grievous sin, but the writer or the director uses the mechanical devices of compassion, sympathy, understanding, tears, emotion, as a means to permit the immorality, and also justification for the immorality.

What has happened to decent living?

What has happened to real clean fun?

What will turn people around to seeing the privilege of their responsibility for their actions?

What will encourage people to stop being fretful over disillusionment and have the courage and the strength to conquer it?  What will force people to stand up against wrong, fight the depression of the bad breaks, and conquer the situation with dignity, integrity, a code of ethics, and sound moral values and sound moral standards?

We have been given to believe that people must all succumb to vileness, to sadism, to sexual immorality.  It is a conditioning of the mind that has been going on for a long time.  It is downright brainwashing into a submissive society that will respond to being led around by the nose.

People are shouting, ‘Jesus,’ they are shouting, ‘The Lord,’ they are shouting, ‘Alleluia,’ but they are omitting a very important ingredient:  stability of the will, the ability to make a decision that does not agree with society, but is sound for one’s own Soul and for the Souls of society.

People talk about the gold standard.  Tonight we should talk about the Soul Standard, and begin a campaign to put people back on the Soul Standard.  This will become a better world.  People will become more tranquil and it will set a sound moral standard of living for the whole world.”

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