ON NOVEMBER 16, 1981


“So many times, to feel secure, one acts aggressively.  This aggressiveness is not always security to someone else, because sometimes the age and/or inexperience of the person shows and lacks the wisdom of the conversation, or the aggressiveness just identifies the subject but does not render a substantial input.

Aggressiveness of some people is many times a weakening factor to important solutions.  Aggressiveness can be full of a lack of respect for all the people involved, the subject matter, and the intended goals.  It is many times annoying to be approached by someone who is aggressive, because it oftentimes causes delay and could be costly in money, time and energy.

There is a difference between aggressiveness and an intelligent involvement or approach.  Many times aggressiveness is nothing but a pushy, dominating act of superiority, and it solves nothing, impresses no one, leaves no one with a good feeling, and detours the subject matter to a later date or into complete oblivion.

If you are of an aggressive nature, see it for what it is, and be sure that you are aware of the aggressiveness that you could be a victim of, or victimize others with.”

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