ON NOVEMBER 16, 1981


“Prayer and devotions are not the only ways to Sainthood.  Everything we do, we think, we touch, our intentions, our motives, contribute to the overall picture that we will be judged upon.

When a particular subject describing a fault is brought up and defined in instructive ways, be sure that you do not dismiss this word totally.  It could be the one distinctive word that suits, encompasses one or several of your faults or weaknesses, which in reality keep you from reaching that ‘pure state’ that is so necessary for Sainthood.

Also, ask yourself this very important question:  Do you allow someone else’s personality, selfishness, dominance, moods, to weaken your stands that you know are right?  Very often this is the weak link in any Spiritual progress you might have.  Do not say, ‘Because so and so is this way or that way, I have acted this way or that way.’ What allowed you to let this other person dominate you?  I am sure you will have many excuses for this weakness, but ask yourself how you will face God justifying this weakness.  Is it because you are too lazy to take the responsibility of standing up for what you know is right?

Be sure that when you stand up for what is right, it is not bitterness, self-love or self-deception.”

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