ON NOVEMBER 16, 1981


“Cruelty, meanness, selfishness, many times becomes so much a part of one’s life that there is no way for gentleness, charity or sincere love to enter the pattern, the mode, the code of living of an individual.

What makes someone like this?  Is it a lack of understanding God’s Part in human life?  Is it a fear of the physical life?  Or is it such a deeply ingrained feeling for power over other human beings that only unkindness can be felt in the company of this person?

If you find this to be your nature, personality, way of thinking, performance in life, it is not too late to change.  Remember your will is your Line of Decision, and your will is the means through which and by which the course of your life can move, can change, can grow, can turn.  This is the line that should never be forgotten, should never be misplaced, or should never be underestimated or blamed on someone else, because this is the line that confirms to you, that you, and only you, are in control of your decisions and you are accountable to God for your actions, your decisions, the results that you allow to happen or are a part of.

Oftentimes people like to control other lives, or to feel they have the answers for other lives.  This is a weakness, not a strength.  This is a selfishness in charity.  This is acting against God’s Will, for it is His Will, through each man’s will, that individual’s decisions are made.

Beware of how you live each day.  Be aware of the charity you express, the kindness you generate, the love you show, the sincerity you are example of, always in God’s Name.”

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