“Satan’s way is always a jungle of confusion, disorder, moral, mental, physical and Spiritual danger, and has a conglomeration of pitfalls.  Have you ever thought of yourself living in his jungle?

We all understand jungle life to be a constant hazard to one’s life because of the vermin, the quicksand, the poisonous wildlife, the uncivilized code of life that is established by one thing living off of another.  We now live in such a society, but we rarely admit to ourselves or others what a jungle it is.

The Ten Commandments were given to man to give order to life according to God’s Will. Obedience to the Ten Commandments eliminates any chance of man living in a jungle of immorality.  God’s Intentions for the Ten Commandments were to give man the freedom of his will in following the correct path God intended for man’s Soul.  He is a Just God, so in His delivering to Moses the Ten Commandments, He gave man more than rules, more than a path or a way.  He Spelled Out what He expected man to use as the Guidelines for life to become a Saint.

The jungle that man lives in now is perhaps similar to times in the past, but we cannot look at the past, we must concentrate on how we, in the present time, can conquer the jungle that satan has been permitted to build in our society, our generation of life.

Today many offenses against God are so obvious in so many ways, and yet people go day in and day out, ignoring or pretending to ignore, participating in or condoning obscenities, impurities, even accepting this time in which we live as normal, knowing it is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.

Just to name a few of the activities and conditions that help create this jungle, are:

Infidelity that tears down the dignity of marriage, putting marriage in the category of the muck of the jungle, degrading it through deceptiveness, deliberately mocking its importance to God and scandalizing it with impurities.

The ugliness of incest giving credence to an animalistic behavior that biologically and morally is against God’s Will.

Pornography is an expression of perversion that plays on degradation of human behavior.

False worship is deadly for it eliminates The One True God, and false worship desecrates all that belongs to The One True God.  Satan uses false worship against God, and in this terrible tragedy that many people fall into, they are bound to find dissatisfaction, turmoil, unhappiness, based on the insecurity of falseness and substitutes, and they will be left only with emptiness and turmoil.  False worship comes in many styles.  It is depicted in many ways, and is based on humanism and/or satanism.

Homosexuality and lesbianism are direct violations against the Laws of God, and this perversion of interest and practice is based on self-love, impurity, and open despise for how God created men and women to be as procreators of life.

A list of additional things that make the time in which we live a jungle are numerous, not in just words that describe different emotions in life, different predicaments, or different involvements, but words that express facets of life that involve the mind, the body and the Soul of all mankind.  The list would look something like this:







Misguided education



No respect for human life



Uncalled for self-defense


Foul language


Underground crime


No respect for authority

Lewd entertainment

How can a jungle such as the one we now live in be turned into a paradise?  The jungle did not happen overnight.  It was a constant seeding of deceptiveness, egoism and greed, functioning through man’s emphasis on humanism, eliminating God’s Ten Commandments and a true sound practice of how God intended Christianity to be.

The lack of real prayer in our day had a definite part in creating this jungle.  It is true we have more evangelists than in any time in History, people who have become well-known for their so-called teaching the Word of God, but these people are not what will change the jungle into a paradise.  So many of them have eliminated the individual’s dependence upon God and have the individual depend on them, their opinion, their direction, and of course, their enthusiasm that is expressive but lacks sound doctrine.

The Ten Commandments were given to Moses in an extensive way, and for three thousand years have existed down to our time, obviously not in the completeness Moses received Them, but They are still worded in a way that covers all facets of life.

Only God could have passed through time these Ten Commandments in the manner we now have Them.  Man is always trying to update, modernize, or emphasize a different meaning in everything he touches.  There is no mistaking what God means by these Ten Commandments, so there can be no excuses for misbehavior or disobedience where They are concerned.

Man’s will is a tremendous Gift from God, and logic says that this will, though it has the freedom to make decisions, to guide our lives in many ways, to follow God’s Ten Commandments, to actively participate in Spiritual growth, to grow closer to God for the Purpose God intended life to be, the will was not meant to respond accepting offenses against God.

Why do people think that there are only two decisions for the will to make, right or wrong?  The will is the instrument to make a decision that will benefit the Soul, benefit the human life of man in times that an individual must stand up to moral obligations, moral decisions, moral example, using sound moral values and standards as the criteria for such decisions.  The will must make decisions of benefit, of concern, not always of right or wrong.

It is beautiful when one sees one’s will as a Gift of Love from God, and recognizes this Gift as an important useful means and privilege to grow mentally, physically and spiritually closer to God in this life and one day become a Saint for All Eternity.”

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