ON JANUARY 22, 1982


“There are many forms of prayer, so one should not feel that there is only one method of prayer.  There is prayer in meditation, prayer in good example, prayer in words through kindness, generosity, understanding, good counsel.  There is prayer in actions.

What constitutes these things being attributed to a way of prayer?

First, the intention must be that all of one’s will through actions, deeds and words is based on obedience to God’s Ten Commandments.

Second, that God’s Will is considered in all things:  mental, physical or Spiritual.

Third, the desiring of one’s own Soul to be saved is necessary as a reason for one to perform totally for God’s Will to be done.

In these ways, prayer is then a constant companion in daily living.

The next time you feel that you do not pray enough, remember that prayer is easy when prayer becomes a way of life.”

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