ON JULY 14, 1982

“In praying, I remember saying to God: ‘It is so sad, God, that all people cannot see Your Generosity.  There is so much sadness to see people who can believe in You one moment and not believe in You the next, and that there are people who claim to want to do so much and who do so little.’

It was not at that moment that I heard more of an explanation, but it was about, I think 3:30 in the morning when the explanation came that all through time, all men at one time did not respond to God’s Love, God’s Miracles.  And He took me back to the time of Moses when people did not all believe what Moses said.  And even though there were many physical exciting Miracles taking place in front of their eyes, their own skepticism, their own lack of humility, their own opinionated ways, did not allow them to see the value of what was happening before them, to give them the strength to follow what Moses said.

In this dialogue that went on, He also showed me the time when Our Lord walked with a lot of men and He showed me some of the men walking away frivolously, carelessly, and He said, ‘They, too, followed a Light as long as they could, but when the Light became too much of a responsibility, they said, “I’ll be back when I can handle the rest.”’ I said, ‘Why would they walk away from the Light of such a Marvelous Gift from God?’

He described men in many ways, described men not just in weakness, but in nature, in personality.  He described men following a heritage, an environment.

He described men following the words they heard as a little youngster, almost to the infant stage.  He said: ‘It left a mark.  Those with whom this child walked were the greatest impression on the whole being that lasted until the death of the child.’

I said, ‘Could You not stop what was happening, God?’ He said, ‘Yes, but do not forget, I gave men wills to live with and to live by.’ He said: ‘A child listens; the child does not respond always to what is said.  A child hears, but the child does not repeat what it hears.  Oftentimes a child will act out at a much later state of life what impressed them, what remained, what stayed.’

‘That is why’, He said, ‘it is so important for This Great Miracle upon the earth, bearing the Name of what men call the “Foster Father” of My Son.’ He said: ‘The Light of the Spirit I sent was the Light that men saw, but in the Teachings, some men felt there was too much for them to handle; but,’ He said, ‘do I not show My Own Son in the Arms of a Man, being taught, being cared for, being protected?  The Light that I show in the Child’s Eyes, The Father was Myself, the Light of My Being.  I showed this to mankind for many years.  Men rationalized and analyzed this Light for they could not handle the Magnitude It was, because they said if this Son was Mine and bore the Light of Me, why then would I allow man to crucify This Part of Me?

‘Men question, because they have heard questioning from little on.

‘The Miracle I send to the world now is a Miracle of a Positive Way.  It is Truth.  It is the Teaching Miracle of understanding.  It is the Distinct Miracle for Hope for all mankind.

‘The Light of Truth I never deny man, but men must understand that to understand Truth they must be obedient to My Commands.  The Light of All I Am radiates through The Commands I gave to men.  The Light of My Heart extends the Warmth of Me to man, so man will love Me more.

‘Many times in History I have given to the world others who have walked solely for Me.  Through them a Light shown of honesty, sincerity, integrity, and purity.  Some men listened, some men did not.  Some men were jealous, some were envious.  Some just felt an opinion and rejected the Beauty of the Light, accepting only their own way, not really seeing that through this one Soul I was showing them the Way to Eternity with Me.

‘Do not be saddened by those who do not understand.  Do not be depressed by those who fight what I command, but walk in the Light of My Hope, speak My Words to all men, and tell them I send My Love in many ways, I teach mankind My Love through one of them.

‘Be aware of those who deny you, but be more aware of those who desire to learn more through you, My Way.  Be alert to what I speak and teach others to be alert so they, too, will see the beauty of obedience to My Will, so they will be with Me for All Eternity.

‘I send All Kinds of Light through you, My daughter, but I send Light for the good of man so that man will see I truly exist and that My Love is given freely.  I expect much from man.  I have sent This Great Miracle to the world for I want men to be conscious of their Soul, for That is the Part of man I want returned to Me.’

Be blessed, all who hear My Words, and know, that when I give a Directive for you to grow, it is for you to better be able to handle the Grace that I bestow when your Act of Faith in Me shows.  Be blessed by The Spirit of Hope, by My Spirit of Life, for you see, I am a Living God and I am The Holy Trinity.  So be it.”

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