“A cattleman whose livelihood depends upon livestock is totally aware of particular diseases that could wipe out his whole livelihood in a very short time.  One of these is called ‘hoof and mouth disease’.  It is an acute, contagious disease, caused by a virus and characterized by fever and blisters in the mouth and around the hoofs.  This is not just an ordinary, temporary problem, but if not caught in time can be deadly to the animals and the livelihood of one or all the men involved, BUT it can be transmitted to man, which is another real concern of this dreaded disease.

Many people have what we would call ‘hoof and mouth disease’.  The definition of its origination or its activation or activity would perhaps not be termed as a virus, but it could most certainly be an acute, contagious disease causing more damage than we could describe in a few words.

For instance:  Many men sin much with their mouths, all forms of sin, never really caring what offense it is against God, but if we were to look at its results, we would be far more afraid of it than if we had ‘hoof and mouth disease’.

Many, many times our feet are very important parts of our immorality, for it is the direction and the places they go that puts our behavior in the category of the dreaded ‘hoof and mouth disease’.

I would not take these thinkings that have been spoken of lightly, for there is but one reason to bring these thinkings to your attention, and that is for you to be constantly aware that all your senses, all your actions with them, all your intentions for them, all the results of what you do with them, will determine whether or not you become a Saint.

A fool would reject Sainthood.  A fool would not see the value to Truth and only a fool would jest at such Valuable Information.

Questions are easy to answer because sometimes people answer questions without thought, without consideration, without reason, without full understanding of what the question truly is.  But, when God gives so much attention to give men logic to think about, to form their pattern of life, to instill in each man the benefits of purity, then the questions He asks should be responded to with dignity, respected and loved for the time He takes to encourage men to walk a path directed totally to Him, ever conscious of the Portion of man that is ‘God’, and that is ‘the Soul’ that He wants returned to Him as a Saint.”

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