“God’s way is always constructive and totally balanced, giving security, promoting faith in good, and encouraging purity of mind, body and Soul.  Where God is evident there is always sound direction, logic in human dignity, and charity in the flexibility of His permitting so many things for men to be a part of, partake in, be expression of; and last and most important of all is the Goal He has promised man for living the physical life in the manner He Decrees; that is, Sainthood as His Fulfillment of His Promise.

Totally opposite to God’s Beauty, Generosity, Charity, Love, Mercy, Hope and Justice, is the demonic order of things:  constant destruction, immorality, debasing man’s true existence by encouragement to permissiveness, vile contemptuous actions, thoughts, intentions and goals, imbalance in all things, distortions of facts, impurities in all stages of matter, manner and practice, persistent dealing with evil, vulgar, crude, disorderly mental and physical promiscuous dealings, diminishing men and women of all ages to the level of a demon.

Tearing down society through immoralities can become a contagious, infectious disease, because in its vile manner of spreading, it reeks of chance, gamble, risqué encouragement to try something.  All these things in actuality put men, women and children in bondage to a distorted idea of how God intended man to live.  Such destruction does not happen overnight.  It begins in small ways, each thing fitting a puzzlelike system or a mazelike pattern that does not have a clear true view to it, else it would not attract so many people.  This puzzle or maze grows in difficulty to the victim attracted by it, for in every turn, in every corner, there is a suggestion to stop and get caught up into a deeper force of impurity, a different source for impurity to the Soul.

If you are walking into a maze of puzzling friendships, places, involvements, work areas, school areas, STOP, get out before it is too late.

There is no maze or puzzle to God’s Directions, Logic or Intentions for man.  It is so simple:  obedience to the Ten Commandments, Holy Mother Church, strive for purity of mind, body and Soul, become a Saint.  There are no corners, no unsaid direction, no guesswork and no bondage.

In establishing and instituting Holy Mother Church, there was a sincere and an insincere order of evidence of God’s Direction.  For a Church to last two thousand years in spite of all the problems that men have created in It, the many attempts of satan to attack It in forceful manners and ways, never eliminated Holy Mother Church because It is indestructible.  We are living in a time, perhaps similar to many in the past, of an extreme attempt to destroy this Church that was the beginning of Christianity, that remained stable under all ridicule and corruptness in the Hierarchy.

Satan is now attempting to tear down Holy Mother Church through the foundation, using confusion, excuse, impurities, and digressing from the Importance of the Ten Commandments, diminishing The Mother of God, and casting aside and into darkness the Living Portion of Holy Mother Church, The Blessed Sacrament.  What are we Catholics going to do about this tragedy that cannot win, but it can lose more Souls from enjoying Sainthood?

Do we pray enough for God’s Will to be done?

Do we understand our Faith in God, its benefits, its responsibilities, and of course, its privileges?

Do we, in our own way, attempt to be example of good, honesty, purity and justice, in spite of what our peers might think, might say, might do?

Do we debate just to be heard, or do we speak truth in a charitable manner and then be example of it in sincerity and dignity?

What does it mean to be a warrior to Christianity:  a lot of words?  just good intentions?  or is it shown by respect to what is right, what is good, what is honest?

We have many things we must answer to God for.  Would it not be wise to, now, not just look at our conscience, but reflect on our responsibilities in regard to our stand for Christianity as God meant Christianity to be?

People are now shouting, ‘Christianity’, and they are forcing this word opposite what?  Do they really know what True Christianity is, or is Christianity being used to cover up the real corruptness, the vileness that is occurring in the Name of Christianity, or because of what they feel Christianity is?

Two men in a foxhole, fighting for their country, are not really concerned about whether one of them is a Christian or not, they are fighting for a cause, a purpose, or because they were forced into it because of duty.  One man might pray silently.  One man might pray openly.  One man might want to pray, or one man might be afraid to pray.  One man might be ashamed to pray.  One man might use foul language in beseeching God’s help.  Which one of these men would you say was a Christian?  Which ones are not?”

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