ON NOVEMBER 17, 1982


“Everything we are has in it a likeness to something of God’s:  our will, our Soul, our intellect, our sharing in the procreation of man, and the innate sensitivity to the necessity of security for the safekeeping of what is best for our mind, our body and our Soul.  Human beings are the most blessed creation of God’s because of the logical understanding that we are born to the Image and Likeness of Him.

There is such mystery around our beginning that we intelligently know only God would have the Power to create something like us.  We are surrounded by wonder and we are given the courage of adventure to scientific knowledge that gives us insight into so many things.

Conquering great courageous events is awesome, but there cannot be a man who lives that does not feel in the core of his being that there will always be a mystery left for man to reach for and never really find the whole solution to its beginning, its full meaning.

Since the beginning of time, God has slowly allowed man to find new avenues of invention, exploration and adventure, but no man has found immortality in its real meaning.  God, in His Love for man, gave to man Rules to live by, defining in many ways the paths that could lead man in the wrong direction, and in These same Rules there were Commands for man to follow so that man would see God in a Light of Greatness, Ultimacy, and of course, Divine Light.

At the time of Our Lord’s entrance into the world, men were much then like they are now, different in race, different in color, and of course, different in what they believed in.

The beginning of Christianity was a visible sign, a time of verbal communication direct from The Divine.  Men listened, and they, with their will, their intellect, their own needs and desires, their own degree of beliefs, were given the opportunity to hear a Man speak, thus determining the feasibility of what this Man was trying to say, creating a new avenue of thinking, of Reason and Purpose for why they were born.

This Man, totally understanding mankind, gave Himself for the benefit of men’s Souls, leaving for man a Memorable Life, Words that would go down in History, climaxed by the Ultimate Sacrifice so that men would remember the event, the time, the purpose, the reason for this Great Gift of Love from The Divine.

One very important Portion of this Man’s time upon the earth was His Open Words of the Bread and the Wine.  This is the Portion of Himself, the tangible Portion of Himself that would be left for all time.

Everything we are, everything we know, combined, is strengthened in every way when we partake in His Ultimate Gift, the tangible Gift of Christianity, Holy Communion with Him.  Because of the Greatness of this Gift of Divine Love, It has been attacked, abused, desecrated, and shoved aside by men who have little Faith in how God would work, and by others who are demonic simply because they cannot control their vile manners, their vile moods and their moral values, so it is easier to follow demonic rules based on self-love, self-consideration, selfishness, self-motives, self-pleasures, and self-indignities.  There can be no happiness in this way of life because it is innate in man to be attracted to purity.

Ask yourself:  do you really see and do you really feel the Importance of this tangible Gift of Divine Love that has been given to you, to not conquer worlds, to not gain wealth and success, to not be held in esteem by other men, but to feed the innate desire in you for peace, tranquillity, and closeness to God?

Out of sight is out of mind.  Out of contact is many times the straightest road to forgetting, so knowing man’s weakness in this way, that Ultimate Gift is God’s Way of saying to man: ‘I am here for you.  I am waiting for you.  I want you to partake in Me so that all the things you need that will strengthen you morally, mentally, physically, spiritually, I will do.’

The saying, ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder,’ is not true.  God was Wise enough to know this, for these are only clichés of man to justify situations at hand.  To not receive this tangible Gift of Divine Love as often as possible is a fool’s way to live, for in looking at a fool in this way, it denotes a lack of common sense, a lack of reasonable intelligence, and without a doubt, a lack of love for God; plus, it shows a thanklessness to His Generosity for the Ultimate Gift to support all the other Gifts He gave.”

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