ON DECEMBER 27, 1982


“God controls the tides of the oceans and all bodies of water upon the earth.  How can a man look at the mastery of balance in the depths of the ocean and not see proof of the True Existence of a Supreme Being?  How can a man look at the surface of the ocean and not feel the rapture of indefinable mastery that exists, unconquerable by man in controlling it?  No man can shove the ocean aside and decide it should be in another place.  No man can walk on the bottom of it like he walks on land.  No man can talk to the ocean and have this ocean respond to him.  The power in the ocean is the Power of God’s and only His Hand can change the direction, the depth, the movement, the sound, or what will control it.

How can a man look at Holy Mother Church and not see the mastery of balance God meant in It?  The Perfection of The Ten Commandments, the means and the methods of the establishment and institution of Holy Mother Church had such balance, power, and perfection in It, that man would be incapable of such a tremendous, monumental, supreme act, designing Christianity in such sound indefinable fact.

It is time for the tide in Holy Mother Church to change.  Who really controls the tide that exists in Holy Mother Church?  The people’s faith in the stability of the clergy and Church authority is as though it is on a weak string.  Will it hold, or break totally?  What will make this string have the strength of steel, the strength of sound moral values and sound moral standards that will please God?  What will make this string hold together the armor of protection that God intended It to be?

First, an increase in our personal Faith and Belief in God’s True Existence.

Second, a scheduling of times for special devotions, offerings, and acts of charity.

Third, more respect for God’s Ten Commandments with obvious obedience to their sound meanings.

Fourth, understanding what and how God intended Christianity to help mankind for the Salvation of each man’s Soul.

Fifth, standing up to and against the wrong direction being forced upon the faithful and stand up for the logic in sound dealings in performing acts of charity in the manner only God decreed.

Christianity is like an endless diagram of avenues all leading to God, each avenue a path of sound reasoning, sound logic, total adherence to God’s Ten Commandments, and charity to all in the true sense of its full meaning, through performing good example and acts in all phases of life.”

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