ON DECEMBER 27, 1982


“Perhaps, especially when you go with the wrong intention, in accepting only this time as obligation for your presence.

Holy Mass in its routine leaves you cold?  Of course, because you are distracted by your own lack of love for God and little Faith in what Holy Mass is all about.  Holy Mass has a message, has a purpose, has a meaning, has a goal.  For some people it only comes alive at the presentation of Holy Communion.

Each person attending Holy Mass can truly participate in a living form of communication with God from the very moment they enter the church until they leave.  If people will look to The Tabernacle, realizing they are in the True Presence of God Himself, also realizing they are in a House that is His House, the manner designed by Him, teaching to groups and crowds, to bring together His children in union with Him, in union with each other, with prayer and in prayer, to learn more about Him in His very Open Presence, as He is in The Tabernacle that He Himself chose His Place to be.

The Tabernacle first began in the Womb of Our Heavenly Mother.  The story says that John The Baptist recognized Jesus in This Tabernacle, stirring in Its Presence.  We, too, must recognize The Tabernacle that we can understand, His Very Presence in our midst, The Tabernacle in Holy Mother Church that holds Him, Who waits for us every day.”

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