ON DECEMBER 27, 1982


“I’m poor.

I’m depressed.

I’m an underdog.

I’m picked on.

I’m unlucky.

I’m a failure.


Others have so much more than I do.

I never have what I want.

I was born to be nothing.


First of all, because you have no ambition to pull yourself up out of your laziness, lack of motivation, and do something about yourself.  There are doors to education to improve yourself; these are available for everyone.  There are organizations that create many opportunities to keep one from becoming depressed.  Of course, a reasonable organization for this particular mood of life, or mode of life, would stress occupying one’s self to do something worthwhile either physical or mental for the good of other people.

The only one that feels sorry for you is you.  Remember one thing: Self-pity is Self-destruction.

Why die complaining.  When you die, be sure that you can say: ‘Gosh, I had a full life.  I guess I covered a lot of things.  I may have a few regrets, but then what the heck, I have fewer regrets than successes.’

Start living today with a new thought in mind saying: ‘I’ve got a lot to do.  I wonder if I’ll get it all done.  Sure wish I had more time today to accomplish more.  Let’s see now, I’d better schedule my time so I don’t miss something and feel bad about it tonight.’

You might not climb a mountain today, but you may do something much more worthwhile.  You may give someone else satisfaction in your kindness, your charity, your sacrifice, or your example, through tact, through consideration, through encouragement, through extending a helping hand in some form of charity, forgetting your close watch on your own time, and only concerned about the time the other person needs your time.

Poor you?  No way.  You are a wealthy man when you share your time doing God’s Will for other men.”

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