ON DECEMBER 29, 1982


“When men think of pestilence, they think only of a physical malady that spreads through a group of people that is devastating to human life.

Right now in the world we are suffering from a morbid, immoral pestilence that is more dangerous than any bacteria, virus, or unknown disease could cause.

Immoral pestilence in our time is rampant.  It is a total decay of human dignity, human logic, and sound understanding of the Importance of God’s Ten Commandments, plus His Purpose for establishing and instituting Holy Mother Church to be the ultimate expression to all mankind of Christianity.

No man in our time can say, ‘I am not part of the reigning pestilence.’ You are, and in some ways you cause more pestilence by your behavior in every place you go, in your lack of sound moral values and lack of sound moral standards, in your manner of speech that is degrading and causes others to react in a vulgar manner or in a crude way.  Your very example in everything you do and say can motivate more pestilence that is more harmful to the Souls of men, women and children than any physical disease that could come their way.

The first step to conquering this deadly pestilence in our time is to practice self-control, self-discipline, and begin to see God as He Truly Is, The Supreme Being of all that exists and all that will come for All Eternity.”

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