ON DECEMBER 29, 1982


“A person who acts like a clown is often referred to as ‘a character’; this, meaning that this person has qualities that demonstrate a manner of freakish antics.  Then there are others who are referred to as characters because of their methods of handling their possessions, how they wear their clothes, and the manner in which they express themselves.

There are many definitions for the word ‘character’, not all referring to a critical form of nature or culture.  Each man should look to his own character, look at its manner of communication with other people.  Is it refined?  Is it dignified?  Does it reflect good example?  Is it honorable?  Is it ethical, or does it depict a devious or dubious nature?  Does it emphasize self-love?  Is it a character full of ego?  Is it a character that resists correction, always defending its weaknesses?

A man looks into a mirror and his character does not show.  A man faces another man and many portions of his character not only show, but are revealing the type of person he is.  It is important to look at one’s own character straight on and not fool one’s self into believing only the best of one’s self, satisfied with what one is because change would be too difficult to make, too tiring to even think about, and of course, the habit of one’s character is so instilled that sometimes one cannot see one’s own character in a faulty way.

Look at your character as a way of reaching for Sainthood, for it is the most outward expression of what you think, what you feel, what you are.  Sometimes one’s character says more about them than an autobiography could ever say.”

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