ON JANUARY 6, 1983


JANUARY 6, 1983


“There are many misunderstandings regarding the true meaning of being civilized.  People automatically accept themselves as being ‘civilized’ because they have the ability to read and write, they have laws to live by, and they are able to speak a language that is understandable to others.  Even though many of these people act like wild animals in association with other people, demonstrating vulgar habits, immoral activities, crude, vulgar speech, and are unethical, they never consider themselves uncivilized.

It is amazing how people of all races, all colors and all creeds, justify their own comfortable opinions, theories, and analyzations in how they want to appear, to sound, or to be accepted as civilized in their way of doing things, justifying degeneration of human nature, debasing to the very core of their existence, not recognizing or admitting the truth in why man was created in the first place.

There is no better time than now to ask one’s self: ‘Am I truly civilized?  What do I justify in my actions, thoughts, words, deeds, emotions, work habits, social habits, in my hobbies, in my practices, in my Faith in God?’

Sinful vocations or immoral activities have a way with immature or degenerate people, to be accepted and being thought of as a natural part of a civilized form of life.

How can anyone who possesses even the slightest intelligence not see wrong in impure acts or actions?

We live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, which is not a statement to brag about or be proud of.  The uncivilized manner of human degradation was demonic in its very existence, and in our time it is openly paralleled to that time, but now even weighs heavier in its vileness against all that God meant for mankind.

Open defiance of God through false evangelism, makeshift prophets profiting on the need of mankind for God’s Intercession into their lives, is only part of the demeaning, debasing attitude and actions that are profane in their very existence.

Prostitution and all its sordid entities, pornography and all its morbid animalistic agencies, plus, homosexuality, lesbianism, debilitating to the human dignity of procreation, can never be termed normal for a civilized people.  Don’t ever let anyone justify sin as an acceptable normal act or action of human need or human acceptability.

A morally sick person or persons reek with the stench of evil in their very presence, for it is difficult to hide the immoral deceit of the presence of evil.

There are so many areas of our time that thrive on the odor of satanic presence.  The ugly odor of a skunk in comparison to the odor of demonic presence is as different as the fragrance of the sweetest flower to the odor of the meanest, ugliest, foulest odor that chemicals or waste matter can exude.  Always remember that demonic deceit in its entirety consists of all forms and kinds of deception, lying, cheating, falsehoods.

Sound moral ethics must be in our daily routine of living.  We cannot accept sitting on a fence when we must stand up to and reject impure thoughts, actions, or activities.  We must stand firm in every area for what we know is the moral stand God expects us to take and to achieve.”

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