ON JANUARY 7, 1983


JANUARY 7, 1983


“At the moment of our conception, we are at the post waiting for our birth so we can run the race of life.  Certainly this dramatic Miracle has more Reason than our mere existence in the world for a period of time.

OF COURSE IT HAS.  It doesn’t take a mental giant to recognize this or to realize that life has Reason, Meaning and Goal.

We arrive at many new post times in our life, and each one is for a reason, time, or situation pertinent to our Salvation.  We must treat it with all the enthusiasm, interest and challenge it bespeaks.

Today is another post time and soon we will be off and running to reach new heights in our Spiritual life.  Let’s not settle for just any place but be determined to WIN for the sake of our Soul.

This race for Spiritual growth NEVER has a loser.  Everyone is a winner because the slightest hope for Grace, the merest thought to be better, the desire to get closer to God makes each of us a winner.

The signal to leave the post will start with our first SIGN OF THE CROSS.”

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