ON JANUARY 9, 1983


JANUARY 9, 1983

JANUARY 9, 1983


“Why did men feel this necessity?  Was it to generate more leniencies in their own station of life or was it meant to modify Roman Catholicism, making it less severe and less strong?

MODIFICATION many times lessens the necessary detailing, and results in a situation, a product, or an ideal, becoming ordinary in its content and total essence.

When men felt that Holy Mother Church should be updated, they ventured into a modification of Its foundation, of Its structure, and of Its values to mankind.  They diminished in every way the strength Holy Mother Church deserved to remain in light of, in the eyes of all mankind.  This deserving, of course, stemmed from, originated from, emanated from the True Existence of Christ upon earth, establishing and instituting this Church in His Name, for His Reasons, and for mankind to see how God wanted man to have Faith His Way.  How can man modify such a beginning, such a heritage, and such a Magnificent Gift of Divine Love to mankind?

In the updating men bent to the humanistic participation, encouraging personal encounter.  This was a big mistake, for so much emphasis on personal encounter programs during the Ceremony of Holy Mass encouraged familiarity.  Some people, starved for attention or need to be recognized by other people, fell into the simple trap of emotionalism, personal contact and familiarity, that in its very presence in the House of God, and the time in which it was forced to be introduced into Holy Mass, make it a cause for much consternation among the faithful who attend Holy Mass desiring to be with God and out of the reach of personal human distraction.

If this updating is as good as some want to believe it is, then why has it caused an equal amount of apprehension as it has familiarity?  Also, if this is what Roman Catholics needed, why has it diminished the attendance at Holy Mass, and why has it turned so many Roman Catholics into looking at Protestant Evangelism as being more beneficial to them?

Modification, updating has taken its toll in many ways in Holy Mother Church and there is great reason for consternation among the faithful.

It is true, many things that were occurring in administrative areas in Holy Mother Church must have been displeasing to many clergy.  This is understandable and regrettable; but, if these twin operations of updating and modifying were so advantageous, why then is there a break in the desire for young men, and older men, in wanting to be priests?  Many men naturally feel that, why sacrifice so much when eventually there will be more liberal thinking and acceptance in the Priesthood, and if there is any inclination to become a priest, then it would be wise to wait; why give up what you might not have to.

Christ did not get married.  He served The Father for the benefit of mankind.  In reality, He is the Head of Holy Mother Church and it is His Example of Chastity, Piety, Purity, Fidelity, and Love for mankind, that should be stressed and imitated.

An empty hall appearance has taken place by the stripping in Holy Mother Church of visual reminders that in their very presence stimulate and motivate the minds of the faithful to pray more, be better morally, and to think of Divine Love rather than putting all the emphasis on so-called human love, plus, the absence of statues, candles and Sacramentals creates an atmosphere that emphasizes only the speaker, the celebrant, and de-emphasizes the Presence of God and the promise He made of His True Presence, His Pure Gift, Himself, and the Grace received through the Faith and participation of the faithful.

With the stripping of so much meaning and encouragement that helps men of all kinds to grow in understanding in the stories portrayed by the additional altars, and the mosaics that speak of Bible History, it has diminished the honor and respect of man’s participation in devotions, and in humility in the gentle Faith that reminds one to be a child in the Eyes of The Father, looking forward to the reward of Sainthood, allowing us to live with Him for All Eternity.

It is obvious to logical human beings that security in a stronger way of life stems from the dependence upon our Faith in God, our need for Him, and the importance of our Faith in the quest for Sainthood.

Men can make changes and men can modify anything they feel knowledgeable about or are involved in, but how can man feel justified in modifying the valuable practices and needs that have proven so necessary for men to better understand the Existence of God over man?”

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