ON JANUARY 10, 1983


JANUARY 10, 1983


“In all ages of History, in all times of life, the world has had people who could be called ‘charlatans’.  This person pretends to have more knowledge or skill than he or she really has.  This person, in essence, is a quack, an impostor, a fraud, and thrives on deception.

It is a shame that so many of these types of people practice Spiritual direction for other people.  That is why it is so necessary for people, who find that they have a deep desire to know more about God, to grow more in love with Him, and to find the peace of mind, body and Soul that they instinctively connect with a closeness to God, look for a ‘sound source’ of teaching the True Doctrine.

A Spiritual charlatan or a charlatan who feels spiritually inclined can become a master of cultism and find in this key position a mastery of key words to encourage the innocent to be blinded by these words and follow a risky Spiritual road that many times is based totally on the egoism in the self-love of the charlatan, displaying only a braggart’s facade, covering an erroneous, unqualified false pattern, guidance of untruths, based totally upon imagination, opinion, superstition and false theory.

It is especially necessary now in our time to be alert to unqualified charlatans who practice dominance, theatrics, and base their theory on the necessity for people to be obedient to their captured knowledge of spirituality and how they feel God meant it to be practiced.  Charlatans come in many costumes, and of course, they are not limited to Spiritual direction men seek a haven in.

In your prayers of request, or as means of devotion or in thanksgiving, be sure that in these prayers you depend upon your communication with God, and not someone who says they have more communication than you.

God loves all His children, is fully aware of each one’s capacity to love Him and to serve Him.  God is the Dispenser of all life, and of course, the Judge of our every action.  We must understand that our goodness will be seen by Him and we do not have to use the Faith of another human being to communicate with God.

It is important that we never stop communicating with God, and that we, in our own way, find refuge in our Faith in Him.

Charlatans are in our Church also, so remember to be aware of charlatans who might enter your Spiritual Faith when you least suspect it.

Sound Faith, when it is exercised and taught, has evidence of truth in its emphasis on God, not man, in its recognition of man’s will over man being dominated by another man, and its consistency and perpetuation of sound values and sound standards, leaving no room referring to God’s favoring one man over another.

Charlatans love attention and reveal their falseness in their bragging about the powers they have to heal, making you think that God has endowed them with endless powers over and above human belief.

God is not a foolish God to allow man to run amok with such power.  When God acts, using a human instrument, the instrument is more aware of the responsibility than the results that might occur.  The instrument does not walk or work in a haughty advantage glow, but finds that he or she is constantly aware of work that must be done to fulfill the many monumental tasks never fully obvious to those who he or she walks with.”

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