ON JANUARY 13, 1983


JANUARY 13, 1983


“We pride ourselves on our ability to think, to make decisions, and to be independent.  We many times respond violently when it is suggested we are not responding with a full deck.  People who depend upon surrogates are most certainly not playing with a full deck.

In our society, surrogates are prospering financially, and in spite of the supposed independence of so many people in this day and age, these supposedly intelligent people are falling prey and becoming dependent upon surrogates for what they think is a healthier acceptance of life; of course, eliminating the moral issue that should be first on the list.

Surrogates justify everything they do, no matter what category their actions or acts or intentions involve.  When they are promiscuous with a client, they justify it, for they say it is for the benefit of a client.  Their counseling is far from professional, for in reality they are in many ways alienated from the technical knowledge and are practitioners of substitution.

Some descriptive words of a surrogate are proxy, agent, or deputy, volunteering information in direction and pretending to be able to solve the needs of people who are subjecting themselves to dependence upon the surrogate, rather than finding the sound reasoning to their own independence.

We have been bombarded by the field of leeches called ‘surrogates’.  They not only participate in the destruction of a moral stable society, but in their own ways create the destruction many times through little effort, using the guise of strengthening another person to live a better life.

The word ‘surrogate’ does not always show its true existence, but what use the word demonstrates and conjugates has developed, increased and motivated more permissiveness, more promiscuity, more immorality than could ever be recorded, because it is for the most part, a behind locked doors function.

Never allow yourself to be tricked or subjected to the claims of a surrogate.  Beware of any substitute that promotes submission of your will to be controlled by the ideas, opinions, interpretations, subjectiveness or intention of anyone who tries to be a counselor or a protector having the ability to give you solutions to your lifestyle of values, your standards, your moral issues.

Do not limit your understanding of surrogate in only the role that maternity is involved in.  This has preceded much discussion on surrogate practices, because it has made surrogates look more like servants for the betterment of people’s lives than any other portion of this questionable system of dependence.”

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