ON JANUARY 13, 1983


JANUARY 13, 1983


“Today in Holy Mother Church it is sad to say that some of the clergy have permitted, promoted and encouraged a stalemate of vindictiveness between the faithful and themselves.  Why, when true, sound Christianity is charity, love thy neighbor, and trust in God?

How can men justify a stalemate of vindictiveness against those who disagree with modification and updating that does not encourage a desire to love God more, does not accentuate obedience to God’s Ten Commandments, and does not create an atmosphere for more devotion, more piety, more prayer, more understanding, and more practice of self-control and self-discipline?

We think of a stalemate and we think of a game, or we think of a situation that does not affect us.  But as Roman Catholics we must wake up to the fact that there is a stalemate evident in many ways and evidenced by the unpredictable change of theory, ideals, and ceremony that we are subjected to because of the different personalities in each diocese.  Such a stalemate must be broken so that it does not fester and leave an ugly, critical space of time that can only be related to disaster in Holy Mother Church.

When one sterilizes one’s own Faith, one takes out the living part and allows only bleak emptiness, but when one purifies one’s own Faith, life is evident, because purification has a healthy Light of life emanating from it.”

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