ON JANUARY 21, 1983


JANUARY 21, 1983


“Christianity began with the Laws of God, this being the foundation to be practiced by all mankind, emphasizing the Supremacy of God and that only One True God existed, binding all men to the same Rules and the same Goal of life for Eternal Life with Him.

The idea of a One World Church is unrealistic, because of the maze of religious beliefs that are different in orthodox behavior or are out of the realm of Christian beliefs.

There are so many contradictions in Spiritual thinking and practices, all making up a web of conflicting ideas that attract different groups, cultures and types of people.

Christianity is being Christlike in loving God, serving God, and desiring to be with Him for All Eternity.  Sound Faith in God is really more than doctrine or dogma.  It is our Soul calling out, directing us, pointing to things, places or people, a way, a means or a manner of more exposure to the True Presence of God in our whole way of life.  We find this direction in our total obedience to God’s Ten Commandments.

Our Soul is not just a reflection of our physical.  Our Soul is a Part of God within our whole being that is in constant union with The Spirit of God.”

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