ON JANUARY 21, 1983


JANUARY 21, 1983


“The word ‘priest’ was not a new word that had its first appearance in the time of Our Lord.  It was used in many generations before this, dignifying a person’s position, vocation, or status amongst the people.

We connect the word ‘priest’ with Holy Mother Church because Our Lord put a Christian significance, dignity, honor, and special Spiritual teaching of privileges to this position in Christian practice.

The men who walked with Our Lord were men of all commitments in life, all with definite personalities, and each man was used to practicing his own will according to the customs and the culture he was identified with.

Our Lord was fully aware of each man’s abilities, capabilities, interests, strengths and energies.  As He first taught to them in simple form, generating this simplicity as they grew, He increased the delivery of His Lessons to a more substantial manner of dialogue.  They learned firsthand that they were involved with more than an ordinary man, and that His Very Existence penetrated their being with the need to perpetuate His Will among other men.

Sometimes, in the most casual manner, Our Lord spoke the most Profound Statements, realizing of course, that the depth of the subject would cause these men to see the sound values and the sound standards of human life in a more purposeful reasoning and Goal to be reached.

In our time, the very simple title Stories From Heaven are once again giving to mankind the way to practice sound morals through Faith in the Beauty of how God instructs mankind, so that men of all ages, all colors, all creeds, can see the sound logic in what is expected of them, and how much greater their life can be if they look into the Words taught in such dignity, in respect, honoring man’s intelligence, and encouragement to mankind to never forget that each man has a Portion of God within him, that he has his own Angel to guard him, he has his own will to make his decisions with, and he has the knowledge and intellect to conquer all obstacles that are foreign to the Purification of his Soul.”

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