ON JANUARY 24, 1983


JANUARY 24, 1983


“Awareness is a safety against the multitude of ploys that satan is encouraging men to experience, always with the facade of pleasure, success, or physical welfare.

All through time men have used many different ploys to take advantage of other men.  Many ploys are downright degrading and abusive by their belittling the human being to a submissive state of little self-control and self-discipline, bordering on total dependence on man, eliminating man’s necessity to depend upon God above all things.

Through the power of suggestion men are succumbing to the suggestions that certain types of mind control methods will conquer many personal frustrations and stress areas.  So far, these methods of entertainment or medical facilities have not proven foolproof, nor are they all ethical or morally sound.  Some are proving great money makers for individuals and some people will lean on anything rather than to use their own will to relax, or conquer stress patterns they themselves have formed.  True, we all need help several times in a lifetime, but let’s be sensible, logical and honest instead of forfeiting our will to the opinions and/or mechanical apparatus of someone other than God.

The following are only four of many methods active in the world today, being used to introduce into people’s minds, ideas, situations, interests, motivating different types of means to relax, to become involved in, or encourage the mind to be attracted to something that the other person wants them to do, to have, or to become a part of.  They are not solutions, but experimentations.

In our day, volumes could be written on these methods of mind control, all appearing innocent and yet easy for demons to enter, making the person openly vulnerable to being victimized by immoral or unethical thinking.

Hypnotism is one of the oldest forms of submitting one’s will to respond to another person’s intentions. Subliminal messages are in so many ways satanic.  No matter how much the person who uses them denies their motives, this is an open door to an attack on human beings that is deceitful, and of course, with the intention of controlling the mind and the will of the victim.

Men are talking about the tremendous aspects of another method of relaxing the human body in a cubicle called ‘environ’.  Some people will try anything, and this too has the facade of being a healthful proposition wherein in this cubicle, one listens to the recordings that are supposed to instill within one’s mind the practice to relax, or the atmosphere to imagine what is being spoken, always inferring that after this session, one will come out of it with a more physical and mental new lease on life.

This list could be endless on so much mind control methods that men have concentrated on.  Needless to say, there is a possibility that in some cases, there could be good involved, BUT whatever happened to leaning upon God for the strength needed to endure daily human pressures, or to relax one’s mind and body?

Whatever happened to the success that self-control and self-discipline stimulates, motivates, encourages, and usually produces with great results?

Why does man have to have so much help by turning his or her mind over to someone else?

Along with these few methods of mind over matter, guided by someone else other than one’s self, the increase in surrogates is revolting and could be categorized in this group of mind control methods, substituting the God-given freedom and Gift for one to use their own free will.”

“Hypnotism — Environ — Subliminal — Surrogates”

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