ON JANUARY 25, 1983


JANUARY 25, 1983


“Formal prayer is necessary for it has a consistency of meaning in our communication with God.  It stabilizes one’s prayer life, and in formal prayer we are better able to control our attention and intention, and form a pattern of definite relationship that consists of words we feel comfortable with regarding our association with God, as children of God.

Prayer has many facets to it.  There is formal prayer, there is the method of practicing prayer, and there is personal prayer consisting of our own thoughts, our own wishes, our own desires, our own needs, using this method to personalize our communication with God as a child to a Father, feeling an intimacy of relationship that such prayer allows.

Practicing prayer comes with one’s own Faith in God.  Practicing a prayerful life is meaningful in so many ways for it expresses our dependence upon God through our actions, acts, words and deeds.  It is obvious in our expression of charity, our good example, our unselfish attitude, our strength in acts of devotion, the love we express to those who are ill, the help we give when it is needed, the hope we extend when all things seem hopeless.

Prayer is a very special part of our life, for prayer protects us, and in many ways is a total expression of our Faith in God.”

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