FEBRUARY 3, 1983


“Birth of a child is a Heavenly Gift of Love.  One thing all men have in common is the fact that no one asked to be born.

Birth immediately puts a child into the world, needing food, needing care, needing teaching, needing love, needing direction, needing good example.  The ingredients that make this child able to comprehend, understand, respond and learn, are registered through the brain, the mind and the intellect of this child.

It is always sad when a child appears deficient in what we call a ‘healthy condition’, but whichever God chooses for this child, our responsibility as parents and as adults should be obvious to us that we must use every effort to care for, be responsible for, and protect this child against physical harm, mental abuse or Spiritual misdirection.

Each child born to the world is a responsibility, and this responsibility then passes on to the child at different times of life.  It is wrong to not protect a child, but it is also wrong for the child to feel they have all the rights because they are a child and they feel they are free from responsibility.

Intellect tells us that we have certain responsibilities.  Our environment says we are committed to certain responsibilities.  Instinctively we know right from wrong.  This in itself is the basis for our moral actions, thoughts and words.

A human being is a special creation of God, obvious because of the intellect, the free will, and the ability to participate in the procreation of life.

The color of a man denotes culture, background, and separates the heritage of men, thus making life a lot more interesting.

It would be rather monotonous to have everyone the same color, all with the same face, all with the same structure, all with the same degree of intellect, all with the same talents, all with the same tastes in living, all with the same behavioral patterns.

God made life interesting for us.  God gave us so many different good things to participate in, to be a part of, to strive for, to be successful at, to conquer, to challenge with skill, with ability, with intellect.

God gave us the elements to make life possible for our physical makeup, and of course, interesting.  When things remain the same, it allows lethargy, dullness, little motivation, but we must thank God for all the attention He gave to our benefit in every facet of life.

Men shout, ‘Peace on earth.’ God says, ‘I want Saints in Heaven.’ Men shout, ‘I want to be a part of greatness.’ God says, ‘I want you to be a Saint in Heaven.’ Because men feel that Sainthood is so far in the distance, and recognition on earth seems so important, there is a common expression, ‘Let’s live today, tomorrow may never come.’ ONE MOMENT, PLEASE. Tomorrow is what we were born to have. Tomorrow is what we were born to work for. Tomorrow we could reach the GOAL of life, SAINTHOOD WITH GOD FOREVER.

Some men live day to day, never truly carrying out principles for life, for living.  They are drags on society, always complaining, always berating, always debasing, always full of self-pity, always critical, always negative, always a bore to be with because they give nothing positive, they give nothing to motivate, they give nothing of themselves that you want to remember them by.  They give no hope to living.

All ages of life have responsibilities as soon as there is understanding of one’s own needs, one’s own part in family living, one’s own responsible actions toward extending happiness in a family, not gloom, not moodiness.

When the lights go off at night and all heads are laid to rest, there should be a feeling of togetherness and there should be a unity in living.

So many times people forget that the one thing that can bring the unity of living in the home is praying together.  This is not for the people who are fanatical or ethereal or overly religious.  It is for, first of all, unity in loving God, unity in believing in Him, unity in giving thanks to Him, unity in having hope in Him, unity in being able to ask Him for things, for He is The Father of all mankind; unity in praying for others to Him, unity in one day wanting to be with Him.

Prayer is a powerful vehicle to happiness in a home.  Prayer in itself says more than human love, more than human monetary goals.  Prayer says Faith in God, trust in God.  These two things can give strength at moments that nothing else can give.  Prayer softens the obstacles, the hurts, the fears.  Prayer motivates more communication with God.  Prayer elevates one’s mind to better things, higher things.  Prayer puts substance into relationships.  Prayer mobilizes families, motivates and encourages their striving to reach goals.  Prayer requests protection that is needed in times of doubt, troubles, conflicts, emergencies.

No one here asked to be born, but we must all remember that it was a Holy Gift from God, a privilege for each of us, a responsibility of Love, and a Goal that nothing else compares to, Sainthood for our Souls.

What makes the Gift of Life Holy?  First, the fact that we have a Soul, a Portion of God as Part of us, that He created as the Part of us that must return to Him in a Pure State of Being one day.

The Gift of Life is Holy because it is the Gift for Life in the act of procreation, according to God’s Plan.

Men do not fully understand this Holy Gift from God.  In its full essence, it is the manner in which God gives man the opportunity, the privilege, the responsibility to be the participants of furthering life upon the earth which, in its full meaning, should be understood that with each life immediately conceived, a Portion of God enters; this Portion is called ‘a Soul’, a Living Portion of God into a living portion of man, a Holy Gift for a Holy Reason, for Holiness as a Reward.

Any abuse to this Gift of Life will be answerable to God, as only He deems the Judgment to be.  We cannot take liberties with human life, and we cannot reduce the Holy Presence of our Soul to a meaningless Subject or Portion of our being.”

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