FEBRUARY 4, 1983


“Holy Mother Church has for centuries been the rock of Christianity, always identified with soundness, reliability, fact, truth, stability, princely in religious circles and also to laymen of all denominations.  Interior problems, discord or in-house matters were concealed.  Logic was not eliminated in the understanding that where human beings are associated in a common cause, all is not perfect, but the foundation and format that was so consistent in devotions, the Sacraments, the upholding of beliefs in the existence of Saints, and in the True Purpose of life, that men overlooked the petty problems or suggestive discussions that showed up.

Suddenly this rock was teetering on a tightrope of changes that made everyone concerned for the Leadership that dealt with such strong convictions and rules.

Abrupt, inconsiderate change very often has a shock to it, and can feel like an earthquake to our whole life.  This is what happened with all the far-out changes that some men in Holy Mother Church forced into the Spiritual life of the faithful Roman Catholics.

These changes strengthened no one.  They were cold, abrupt, abusive, and were used against the faithful instead of for the enrichment of Faith in the faithful.  These changes catered to the weak or the lonely.  These changes were not handed out in a princely manner, but a cold, coarse, rude, disarming way, eliminating the piety in Faith and replacing it with dominance, a lack of charity, and a downright disregard of the intelligence of the faithful.

Such unstable actions, change, or practices, should shock an individual into the reality of what is happening, what they are doing, and how they could lose their Soul by falling into the trap of confusion and deceit.  So many Roman Catholics did find the changes abhorring to logical thinking, logical practices in devotion and respect, honoring God above man, instead of putting man on such a one-to-one basis with God.

The mere fact that some men, playing Russian Roulette with the Souls of other men, permitted horrendous, emotional problems in the Faith that initially so many were indoctrinated in, the real questions here are:

Have the changes in Holy Mother Church encouraged the faithful to have more respect for God, more Faith and love for Holy Mother Church, and more consistency in prayer life?

Have these changes altered the weaknesses that were repetitive in the confessionals?

Have these changes motivated more visits to The Blessed Sacrament, more people obeying The Ten Commandments, more people understanding The Seven Sacraments, more people wanting to attend times of Devotion?

Have these changes produced more Veneration to The Blessed Sacrament, more respect for the Priesthood, more dedication to Holy Mother Church?

Have these changes made it obvious that the Purpose of life was to become a Saint?

Have these changes promised and proven that each Roman Catholic is now more a part of Holy Mother Church, and that the arms of Holy Mother Church have outstretched to gather in those who were standing outside Holy Mother Church?

Have men become so involved in these changes that they have played a form of Russian Roulette, ignoring the fact that they could end up the victim?

Sound Roman Catholics, defending the Faith, protecting it in an honorable, respectful way, not ignoring that changes are sometimes necessary, but that there must be a refined and purposeful reason for changes, feel the changes should be to direct the faithful to concentrate on Sainthood, and that such changes could never be so tangled up in confusion, disrespect, disloyalty, and a lack of peace and tranquillity in even a visit with the clergy on any subject.

Confusion is the weapon that the enemy of God and of man uses to distract, to distort, to disrupt, to destroy the moral values and moral standards that sound Faith in Holy Mother Church definitely was and is the rock for the whole of Christianity.

We are all afraid of earthquakes.  We are afraid of tidal waves, we are afraid of volcanic eruptions, because we cannot control the source, and these cannot be timed by us.  But we internally know that the fate of our Soul can be directed by us through the stability of our Faith in how we honor God, how we protect this manner of life and this means to become a Saint.

Today it is not too late for us to concentrate on how we can overcome the shock, how we can stop others from playing a game of chance with our lives, with our fate, with our Faith.  It is time that we issue our edict to not compromise our Faith.  We must stand in protection of the values in how our religious beliefs must once again be seen in the world as the rock of Christianity, holding Holy Mother Church in its rightful place, leading all Christian denominations of religious belief.”

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