FEBRUARY 7, 1983



“Garbage For Sale Yet! Yes, it is carried through the streets, it’s in homes, offices, schools, labor jobs, and any place one person can be.

It is easily recognizable, not only by its looks, taste or odor, but by the tremendous activity that is drawn to it that speaks corruption of the mind, the body and the Soul of anyone that is any part of it.

It can be deemed a curse because of how it causes dependence or how it can bring out the weaknesses of a human being, demeaning to the intellect and moral values of an individual.  People buy it, steal it, borrow it, for cheap excitement to concentrate in and on sinful indulgence.

When bread gets bad with mold on it, we throw it out because it would be detrimental to our physical being.  When an egg is broken and it is bad, the stench is horrible and we would never think of eating the egg, no matter how hungry we were.

Certain plants are known to be poisonous in their very nature, even though they are attractive to look at, colorful, and bear no sign saying, ‘I will poison you if you eat me.’ One man alerts another man quickly to the possible danger to the physical, proclaiming even what a stupid thing it would be to take a chance with your life.

People who eat out of garbage cans don’t always die, are not always hospitalized with their stomachs pumped out, but they have learned through practice and time that certain garbage is freshly thrown out and is not yet contaminated.  These types of people perhaps by instinct have survived.  There is no dignity in this manner of living, and of course, we do not hear about them very often.

It is incredible that it is innate in man to watch what he eats, and yet men are less concerned over the filth, the poisonous matter they allow to penetrate their mind, their senses, their bodies, of course subjecting their free will to what they term a form of pleasures or enjoyment.  Logic says such lack of sound judgment is murder to one’s Soul.

The free will of man is the acceptance, rejection, the decision maker for what goes into his body and what form of values, standards and morals he recognizes, stands for or in, under all circumstances, in spite of all intriguing temptations, in lieu of allowing garbage to be the constant ingredient, basing all standards on animalistic behavior.

Remember one thing:  animals don’t always survive garbage, nor does man.”


PICTURES — Still and motion.

PRINTED MATTER — Stories, advertisements, publications.

CONVERSATION — Suggestive, information, foul street talk.

CLINICAL AIDS — For promiscuous acts.

ALCOHOL — To black out responsibility or sound moral obligations.

DRUGS — Over the counter or prescriptions that are depended upon to eliminate the person’s own strength of character, to control habits, moods or weaknesses.



GAMES — The word ‘game’ says fun, enjoyment, relaxing.  To some people it means pleasure, and they immediately respond to the word ‘game’ because it has challenge, and it involves a close relationship of what always seems to appear as enjoyable.

Some games are fun, but be alert to the fact that all games are not fun, but can be intimidating to one’s self-respect, such as games that victimize the loser, or in some respects, the winner.  There are games of chance that have fear, but the fear seems to be secondary to the dare.

There are other games wherein the stakes radiate mind control over other people.  These, of course, are becoming more popular because a sign of our times is in such a sad state of moral confusion that these games are attractive because the players themselves are basically weak individuals looking for the feeling that they are not weak, but are capable of leadership.  Of course, this is ridiculous.  Such leadership is in itself a facade, venturing only into an immature dependence on victory that is, in reality, against God and sound morals.

MEDICAL ADVICE AND OPERATIONS — Supporting abortion, euthanasia, unnecessary hysterectomies, or vasectomies.

SUBLIMINAL — Hidden, deceitful means or measures to capture below or beyond the threshold of consciousness, subconscious.  It is too weak or too small to be felt or noticed, thus infecting, instilling, or introducing subjects, ideas, permissiveness, or pornographic suggestions demeaning to a person’s moral values, standards and/or obvious practice.

SURROGATES — Substitutes that encourage some people to jeopardize their own ability or capabilities to accept disappointments mentally, physically or emotionally.  Surrogates are not sound answers to real problems; they are only a facade encouraging people to look for substitutes rather than facing a problem head on and adjusting to it, correcting it, or eliminating it.

WEARING APPAREL — Immodest clothing or foul ideas in the method of clothing is a tremendous source of monetary gain for lewd-thinking people.  Those who subject themselves to such intimidating forms of costuming victimize themselves and others.

HEALTH FADS — Creams that promise all sorts of advantages.  Vitamins that are advertised with the intention of invigorating the sensual needs.  Emphasis on food products that are unsound in their sales pitch.


RECORDINGS — Musical or whatever, is a top garbage market of today.  It sings garbage, it speaks garbage, it intimates garbage, and it is one of the biggest forms of garbage throughout the world, in the guise of entertainment.”

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