ON OCTOBER 25, 1983


OCTOBER 25, 1983


“Men place much importance on the words, Trust in God.  They feel stability in these words, strength and hope.  They also associate these words with justice, honor, civilization.

Trust in God says many things.  It encompasses the character of a person, a place or a thing.  It encourages a feeling of safety.  It portrays a solid reliability in one’s nature and in one’s concept of an
in-depth responsibility for living.

Today say to yourself, ‘I know I Trust in God and I enjoy the security of others who feel the same way.’ Obviously these words not only portray, but instill a tremendous inward feeling that God is in the control portion of whatever these words are associated with.

Throughout the entire world much importance is placed on American currency.  It is the most desired currency because of its value in rate of exchange.

Perhaps the true value is in what each piece of currency says, besides the amount it is worth in value.  The words, In God We Trust may not appear as a valuable part of American currency, but isn’t it strange that even communists, atheists, and all countries in the world favor American currency above all others.

Disputes, debates, arguments, theories and personal opinions oftentimes and in many ways refute the idea that politics and morals, and/or church and state are not one and the same.

Is not In God We Trust a statement that binds church and state, politics and morals in a way that nothing else could say in such a short phrase?

Economists might have a different theory, justifying American currency so favorably because of economic values, but would not a wise man see how God might work to encourage men of all kinds to knowingly or unknowingly hold in a respectful and in a desirous place the one thing that all men seek, gather and desire to have?

We must remember:  God, in His Wisdom, His Diplomacy, His Understanding of mankind, would use such currency that has the strength, the courage to say consistently and constantly ‘In God We Trust’ to be in every country in the world, an obvious remembrance of Himself.

Mercenary men feel the strength in American currency.  When one travels in any part of the world there is never any shame connected to American currency, but there is always a delight in doing business in a transaction in which it is the manner of payment.

In God We Trust.  Such a simple statement but profound in its meaning, and an instant awareness that the transaction is secure, has a sense of potential gain for the receiver.

Our currency with these words In God We Trust, conveys the message that we are a nation of honor, dignity, charity, mercy, love and justice, based on the very fact that one who trusts in God also has sound high standards of truth in their moral values and moral code of ethics.  Any argument against these facts is purely hypocritical and fractured by a split standard of what it means to be an American.”

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