ON AUGUST 15, 1990


AUGUST 15, 1990

“Sometimes when We speak, the naturalness in the Conversation, in the Direction, in the Placement of the Words, it appears as though this child is speaking to you.  This was the way it was thousands of years ago.  When Moses spoke, they thought that he was speaking with his own knowledge, with his own feeling for example, his own ideas, ideals.

Moses was instilled in an educated way, in how to lead people of all ages, all types, all kinds, and even though sometimes there were great arguments, Moses was never baffled by these arguments.  When he reached the point when a command had to be, he did not hesitate to make the Conversation or the Statement a command, because in his being he knew it was what The Father Willed to be said and to be done at that particular time.

Everyone did not agree with him, everyone did not like him, everyone did not feel close to him, and yet there was something they could not pull fully away from; there was a magnetism that was different than humans understand.

When a child, whether it be of a very young age or an older age, is instilled with this Particular Blessing that is a Blessing of Teaching, for Teaching, it is not as though the instrument reads a book and retains what the book says.  It is a far deeper Teaching, it is a far greater Teaching, and It is instilled into the core of the mind, the will, the actions and the whole being.  It is not something that can be removed by the instrument or anyone else.

There are times when things are instilled that other things are removed, and then compensations are made to fill another void.  There are strengths instilled that mankind cannot understand.  There is memory instilled that is not akin to man.

The time after Moses was a time of great trial, because during this period of time mankind strayed, mankind lost the feeling for the Directions that were given.

Since the time that My Son was upon the earth, much of the Direction has been set aside, and now, through a very fragile human being I send to the world again, Hope, Strength; I send to the world again, a balance for thinking, Direction to save Souls.

There are so many problems in the time in which you live.  These problems are man-made; they have not been made by Me.  Men try to refuse what is good, what is right, what is pure, because they feel they will be different and they want to be like everyone else.

When I used Moses in his time, his great powerful strength, physical in all ways, his knowledge, his abilities, I used because of the tasks I had set aside for him to promote, to carry out, and to lead thousands to Me, millions to Me.  The memory of His existence will never be out of existence.

And then I sent Another Part of Me, One Who taught, One Who led, One Who directed, One Who gave stability to Christianity, One Who sacrificed for Christianity, One Who bled for Christianity, One Who died for Christianity, so that mankind would know the Importance of it and what it would mean to Me when the physical ended and the Soul would return to Me.

There have been Others through time.  You have read about Them and many times you talk about Them, and some of you even pray to Them.  Their tasks were of an individual nature, and Those Who served, served diligently.

I come again to the world, for some time now, and All the Lessons given are for the benefit of each one’s Soul, that Portion of Me that I want returned to Me at a given time.  Thousands know of this Great Miracle, thousands upon thousands upon thousands, and the day will come when they will read the Words.

But right now, you live in a time of total chaos morally, mentally, physically and spiritually.  There are too few solid leaders directing mankind to Me.  There are too few in the world who truly, genuinely, humbly love Me.  They say it’s a time in the world where man must be seen, man must become known. The instrument I use is not interested in that part and it is I Who force her to be seen.

If you were to take a piece of paper, one sheet, there is not one of you in this room who could not tear the piece of paper into thousands of pieces. The instrument through whom I speak, the instrument that I use could not do it to that degree.  I take the weakest physically sometimes to show My Power, for particular deeds.  Gentleness can become very firm when the deed must be accomplished appropriately.

There is great strength in obedience to My Will.  There is great hope in doing My Will.  There is great perseverance within one’s being when they feel they have done My Will even partially.

There are millions of Words yet to be spoken; some, many, not formally.  There are many, many Souls that this instrument must touch in a personal way.  There are many who will not know until a given time that they were touched by obedience to The Divine, and they will say, ‘If I had but known,’ and I say now, ‘If they knew, they might criticize or ignore the association with her that will give them strength beyond what anything else can give.’

Ask yourself on this night:  at any time, have you grown more in love with Me since you have learned What has passed through her to you, or do you feel further away from Me because of your association with her?  I know your answers, and yet always remember, a fragile body, a fragile voice, a strong will and obedience to My Will, is what gave you the strength you have to go on in My Way for the rest of your life.

Don’t toss that strength away, don’t trade that strength for something lesser, don’t dismiss that strength, because if you do, the weakness you will not be able to stand, the mental anguish will be difficult for you, and a lack of hope will cause you only distress.

You are Blessed, My sons, by the obedience of an instrument that serves Me As I Will It To Be, and she allows no man, woman or child to interfere at any time, in any way, for any reason.

You are Blessed in so many ways.  Let your will be subject to Me.  Let your will understand the Magnitude of Divine Love, and as you walk in the way of man, you will find strength in everything you do, everything you say, because a Particular Strength will come from Where I Am.  So be it.”

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