ON JULY 31, 1992 AT 1:07 PM


“I am Saint Vincent de Paul.  Many areas of education are being delved into by many people.  Mankind is aware that education for the mind is imperative in the time in which you live.  Many areas of education have some practical use for them.  On the other end of this spectrum, much education is totally wrong because it is emphasizing immorality.

As I look at so many in the world who are practicing, in so many ways, to get degrees they will never use, I would like to get them to understand a degree in any subject is not necessary to become a Saint.  This is the Most Important Factor in life that man should look at, look to, and learn more about.

The Father has allowed Many Saints to pass through This Beloved Miracle, instructing, directing, encouraging men of all races, all colors, all creeds, to understand the Importance of learning about the Soul, the Importance of The Father’s Rules that were given a long time ago.  Many people who can brag about having several degrees in learning could not talk logically on the benefits of the Most Important Part, Portion of mankind, the Soul.  They say: ‘There’s a right and a wrong.  There are some things more important than other things,’ but in reality, they are more inclined to be concerned about how much knowledge they have gathered, and the importance of a degree, or degrees, attached to this knowledge.

Little ones are taught the ABC’s.  Little ones are taught in how to read.  But all the subjects they are shown to be read are not really best for them.  Many of them are bad because, in man’s thinking, he chooses material that he feels is instructive and does not see the importance of the content.

In many areas, there is much competition from older people regarding the mentality that their children express.  Education is very important, but the emphasis must be redirected because it is now, not on the true values of life, but on any subject that will make an individual look exceptional.

I look into many lives as I stand Here in the Heavens, and some people have so much zeal to conquer a subject, to become superior in the knowledge of the subject, but they forget to look at the content of the subject, they are sidetracked by just the appeal.  Many Souls are lost because of the indifference man has to what he spends much time learning.  The world, in so many areas of learning, is detrimental to the Salvation of Souls.

I have come on this day in the hopes that someone will read My Words that The Father allows Me to give, and someone, or hopefully several, will see the Value to These Words, and the importance in how they should change their ability, and be aware of all there is available to be read, and all that is available that should not be read.  So be it.”

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