ON JULY 31, 1992 AT 2:45 PM


“I am Saint John of The Cross.  I have spoken many times, but I have not announced Myself as many times as I have spoken.  The times I spoke through This Miracle were called ‘Teachings’.

Much Instruction was passed through This Miracle to people of all walks of life, all manners of living, all degrees of intelligence, and definitely, all degrees of Faith in The Father’s Will.

In the Volumes of Instruction, of Direction, teaching mankind the Purpose of life and the Love The Father has for human life, will undoubtedly one day be seen for the Greatness It is, rather than man’s wondering about this Precious Gift, the Soul.

Man starts the day.  There is a routine for most.  Many times, when the routine is broken or there is a distraction, some men, women and children become irritable, and they show their irritability in their personality, in their actions, and in their different approach to other things that occur during the day.

The Grandeur of this Beautiful Miracle is one alone, for even though there are so many Words speaking of the same Subject, it is the Subject that is the purpose for mankind to better understand why man was created in the first place.

Mankind is attracted to beauty of all kinds:  material beauty, the beauty in another human being that radiates because of the clean Spirit, the sound values, the sound standards.  Some people only connect grandeur with a degree of expensive surroundings, expensive articles, items.  The word is not used much, it is used almost in isolated cases.

But let us, you and I, look at the Beauty of a Soul.  It is a Light beyond what man knows light to be, because it is a Portion of The Father.  Its Purpose is to be returned to The Father at the end of the physical life, glowing with all the Beauty that a human being could allow to be.  The Grandeur of this moment is one alone.

So many times, when I think of the sadness of the Crucifixion, I also think that the Purpose for this Crucifixion had Special Meaning, a Special Teaching for all who were to come after.  True, there was great sadness, but sometimes you can associate this sadness with the condition of your Soul, because if your Soul is a victim of impurities, a victim of some disgraceful happening, when it is over and the Soul is seen, the radiation of Light and Love from the Soul, after the sadness passes, is a brilliant Light, blinding to human beings.

The Father’s Will is Special, The Father’s Love, beyond what man can understand love to be.  But if all of mankind would begin to understand the responsibility of returning the Soul to The Father, bearing that personal name of the individual, the Grandeur that awaits is beyond any man’s dream.

So much emphasis has been placed upon the Soul at this time in your life.  It is the Most Important Part of every human being.  As you enjoy the beautiful things in human living, always remember within you, you carry, you are never without It, a Portion of The Father.  You must take care of This in a special way:  awareness first, and then self-control and self-discipline, purity of mind and body; and do not forget to pray for help in every area of life, for every prayer is heard, every prayer is answered, and every prayer is strengthening to your conscience, to your will, to your example and to your Soul.  So be it.”

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