ON AUGUST 2, 1992 AT 1:55 PM


“I am Saint Robert Bellarmine.  We are All with you today as We always are.  It is more noticeable to you because of your preoccupation with a game you enjoy.1

My Words are to be given to all who will read Them and hopefully see and practice the importance that is contained in Them.

Living in the human form in the world of mankind has many facets and assets to it.  The most important, of course, is to use the human way to the fullest degree of helping your Soul perform in so many Acts of Love, Acts of Charity, Acts of Hope, helping your Soul and the Souls of others gain a High Place in Heaven.

It is true, there are Several Degrees of Heavenly Places, All having a Specific Degree of being with The Father.

Use all you are, and all the spirituality you understand regarding that Precious Part of you, your Soul.  Compare your Soul’s Growth, your Soul’s Future, being returned to God, expressing all purity in a State of Love and Being that will place It as close to The Father as is possible for any Soul to reach.

You are the custodian of this Soul, and all you do, all you are, will one day reflect in the Brightness of the Light of your Soul, a Goal all of mankind should strive for.  History speaks of the Castles of Heaven; do not ignore These Words and pass Them off as mere theory.”

1 Game refers to a baseball game.

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