ON AUGUST 2, 1992 AT 2:48 PM


“I am Saint Jude.  I have spoken many, many times through this Beautiful Gift of The Father, helping mankind understand the Importance of human life, its Purpose and its Goal.

Man strives for success, even when he feels it is an impossible thing to happen.  I hear calls of help, calls pleading for quick assistance, and I do not ignore any such request.  Sometimes a child will say, ‘I got it; Saint Jude answered my prayer.’ Yes, but in reality, the prayer was answered by The Father, allowing the request to be answered in My Name.

All Here in the Heavens have tasks to perform and Each of Us are aware of the needs of human life.

This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph is One of such Greatness that it would be difficult for the most learned theologians to fully understand why It would be handed through such a delicate instrument, and the emphasis so solidly repeated regarding the Soul.

There are at this moment, millions of Souls being tortured by the impurities of the human being that is responsible for Their return to God.

Man says, ‘I do not want to eat that food, it is spoiled.’ This same man does not even think that his or her way of life is destroying the most Valuable Asset man has, the Soul.  It is time for all of mankind to wake up to truths, and definitely their conscience, for through their conscience, the decisions of moral issues are indelibly marked on, and within the Soul.  So be it.”

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