ON AUGUST 3, 1992 AT 1:56 PM


“It is rare I give this woman notes regarding the Words I will speak at a given time.

Mankind is a complex Creation of Mine, capable only of understanding to a degree, the Magnitude of the Full Purpose, Reason and Goal for which I created man to be.

When I gave to the world a man thousands of years ago, at his birth I had chosen him for a particular task, for greatness to come from this work I had designed for him to lead.  His Name was ‘Moses’; he looked like other men.

There were many very jealous of him because they felt within him there was something special, something they did not have.  The jealousy that surrounded him was great, and one day as he was cast apart from those with whom he lived, though he wandered for a long time in what man would call ‘disgrace’, but in reality, it was further preparation for My Will to be done for the sake of all mankind, for that time and all time to come.

History does not relate the whole story, but at this time in which you live, I am, in many ways, continuing what I had begun thousands of years ago.  Time, to Me, is not like time is to man.  I use time, but I use it in a manner when I feel and what I feel is needed at a particular time.

As I talked in what man terms a ‘burning bush’, I talk now through a ‘burning zeal’ for My Will to be done.  I speak through one who has accepted obedience, responsibility, and the ability to respond when I speak, or One I choose to speak at a given time.

Much is being taught for the Salvation of Souls, much more to be given, for unless This is taught, a great disaster will happen because there is so much desecration directed at My Will, breaking The Rules I gave a long time ago.

The emphasis of a Soul, a Portion of Me, has been expressed in many ways lately, but I want the world of mankind to know there is another portion of man connected to This, ‘the will’.  Man uses the word loosely.  The actions of the will are based on the moral judgments of the conscience, which many times is eliminated as part of the important decision that the will must commit to.

You have been told about the immorality in your day.  It has grown to the point where I can tolerate it no longer.  It is total desecration to the Bond between Myself and man.

I show this small woman through whom I speak, a place wherein men are gathered, saying one thing, acting out another thing, and making excuses for everything that is sinful.

Excuses justify nothing.  They only weaken a situation or a human being, because an excuse replaces what conscience is all about:  moral judgment that is closely associated with the purpose for which I gave mankind a will, that ‘line of decision’ that is the final state of commitment, acceptance.

I hold her deeply, for there is so much work to be accomplished through her obedience to My Will.  Remember this Important Statement:  In obedience there is humility, many times sacrifice, and most times an abundance of responsibility.

As I dictated the Laws for mankind, man has designed laws to keep order amongst mankind.  It is too bad that all the laws man has decided should be, are not all based on the Laws I Decreed.

As I leave, I will leave slowly for the safety of the child through whom I speak.  Do not forget, as I once used a physically powerful man to dictate to others My Will, My Rules, there was much traveling upon the land, many physical obstacles that had to be conquered and controlled.

I knew, when I chose this little one, My Delivery had to be in a different manner and a different way, but the Magnitude of This Great Miracle is as Great as that other time in History, and This, too, will long be remembered, for It has Great Purpose and My Will Steering It In The Direction I Declare It To Be.  This small woman totally depends upon Me.  So be it.”

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