ON AUGUST 4, 1992 AT 1:08 PM


“My Name is not common but I have requested to speak, because it is a privilege to become Part of This Great Miracle that has given to the world the Importance of the Soul in every living human being born to the world; plus, It has spoken in such a beautiful manner, telling mankind the Truth about The Beloved Saint Joseph.

So many Messages have passed through this Gift of The Father, This Miracle, teaching mankind so many things that mankind was not aware of, that mankind in many ways did not relate to, discuss, or even anticipate.

Right now, if a vision were handed to you and others who believe in this Beautiful Miracle, a vision describing all the atrocities, all the obscenities, all the desecrations, you could not bear the sight.

So Many Here, that The Father has allowed to speak, come from different parts of the world that you are in.  The language in the human way was different, the cultures were different, but All had one thing in common, One God, One Heaven.  Each had an individual Soul, and each had a will, each had a conscience, each had a nature, and the ability to choose whether something was moral or immoral.

There are millions throughout the world that must benefit from All that has been taught.  The Lessons must circulate in large degrees and many hidden places.

Let Me take you now to the least place you would suspect the Words would touch a human being, a place where a horrible atrocity is taking place, an atrocity that could only be performed by an animalistic attitude, a totally insensitive mind, conscience, by a human being, by several human beings, that act out of demonic pleasure.

You could not stand the vision and yet We Here in the Heavens see it clearly, see it in such fullness, that if We stood in a human form our physical could not stand the viewing.

The Words that pass through this Miracle of Great Hope are not to be just written, but to saturate the whole world, whether the people want Them or not.  If They are not accepted, do not allow this to disturb you in any way.  Continue to circulate These Messages, for Many will fall into areas, places that you would have no way of knowing they even exist.

Service to The Father’s Will has a happiness in it that is not always explainable, but one day you will remember What I have spoken, and hopefully, you will see the results of your time spent, to pass on to others this Precious Gift of Divine Love, so much Instruction on the Soul.  So be it.”

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