ON AUGUST 4, 1992 AT 3:10 PM


“I am Saint Sebastian.  I speak today at the request of The Father.  My Words must be handed to as many as possible, for My Words are to speak of an important situation that mankind is in many ways passing off as acceptable because of modern day thinking.

Men who have accepted a particular vow, this vow giving them the privilege of being the dispensers of the Precious Gifts of the Sacraments, the number of these men who are acting improperly, is without a doubt a grave occurrence in the world.

Many have taken their responsibility and cast it to the winds, allowing their responsibility to fall in feeble areas, wherein there is no strength connected to these Sacraments, there is no observance of these Sacraments, there is no dignity in the distribution or in the acceptance of these Sacraments; the diminishing of these Strengths, these Special Gifts that for so long gave hope in their very existence, gave purpose to understanding the dignity to what these Sacraments gave to the human life of individuals.

Many of these men, the dispensers of these Sacraments, are allowing so little emphasis to be honored, because they themselves doubt, they themselves are weakened by the modernization that in many ways has destroyed the Faith of many who once believed in the Importance, in the Hope, in the Strength that these Sacraments entitled the individual to hold, to be a part of.

The men who have accepted the Priesthood are reluctant many times to defend the Priesthood, because they feel intimidated by the few who have the strength to perform indignantly, insincerely.

Man says, ‘Why has God allowed it to go this far?’ God has allowed man a free will.  God has allowed man to have the Gift of Faith in Him.  God has allowed mankind to see the value connected to the Sacraments, for in the participation of these Sacraments, there was a closeness with the Soul and The Father that was felt.  It gave much happiness to the whole being; it was a celebration, it was strength, confirming that the Sacraments were so beneficial.

How could so many allow so few to diminish this Precious Gift that not just drew men together, but stabilized Faith in God, gave stability to living?

I have so much more to say.  I could speak hours regarding the Importance on the dignity that must be replaced in all the Sacraments.  I have spoken before, not for a long time, but there is so much The Father Wills through This Great Miracle upon the earth, to be taught; not just taught, but to be understood.  So be it.”

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