ON AUGUST 9, 1992 AT 1:05 PM


“I do not intend to stop giving to mankind My Direction through This Miracle I have designed to be beneficial to all races, all colors, all creeds.

Mankind, understandably so, sees the physical life of great importance, concern, and many times very worrisome.  I did not design human beings to be as vegetables, as trees, as flowers, as water, as the earth, but mankind, in My Design, has within each human being a Portion of Me, and I am forever, in many ways, telling mankind the Importance of what it means to be human, to have responsibilities, to have understanding of What each human being truly has, for the Purpose of this life that is so Special to Me.  I have said many times, ‘Each one has a Soul; the Soul is That Portion of Me.’

I am speaking through a small woman in the world to pass on My Messages as I Decree Them to be.  I have not organized armies and handed through them, individually, These Words, because I knew if I had done it this way there would be too many interpretations of What I would say.

I have created all things, difficult for man to understand.  I have allowed certain sources of scientific knowledge to be absorbed by some, for the use of mankind.  Some men and women have used what I have allowed to be, for things other than good.

I am speaking at this moment because This Miracle upon the earth is not One for mankind to depend upon Visions of Supernatural Beings.  It is One like Others were.  The time of Moses, I gave Directions to one man, to instruct, to direct, and to command obedience, responsibility.  I gave the world Portions of Me at another time, All with purpose, All with a manner in which mankind could follow and see the Importance attached to what occurred, what I allowed to be.

It is true, I have used many through time, but This Miracle that is in the world now, is in the same category as was the time of Moses, and the time in which man responds to as The Nativity, The Holy Family.

I do not like to threaten mankind with destruction, but this time, in your time, has so many abominations, desecrations to My Way, to My Will, it is difficult for Me to hold back from the sound punishment man deserves.  So many atrocities in the world are being practiced.  They are degrees of power man uses over other men that are purely satanic by nature, and satanic in their action.

Through This Miracle I have come to bless the whole world.  My Blessings are to give mankind My Love, My Reason for their creation.  So be it.”

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