ON AUGUST 9, 1992 AT 7:50 PM


“As we walked on the land, thousands of us would wonder where we were headed and why we would be going in the direction we would be going.  We would talk to each other in the language of our time, our culture, and even when we wanted to stay in a particular place or perhaps walked into another area, we were drawn to stay with the group.

This Message is One being revealed through One Who walked with Moses.  Moses asked Me to say this before His Words come through.”


“If I used My voice in the tone I talked at that time I would be heard at a great distance, for my voice was firm, my words commanding, and I was constantly aware of everything that those who were with me were thinking about, planning to do, and interested in changing.

What you have heard through This Great Miracle that bears the Name of One Who also walked the earth in the human form, but the Revealing has been given that He was of a Different Way of Living.  He, as The Third Person of The Blessed Trinity, accepted human responsibilities so that mankind would understand the necessity of the family plan.

God Himself put Himself in Three Areas of Human Life:  as a Human Father, as a Human Mother, and as a Human Son; too much for mankind to fully understand, but then it is not necessary for mankind to fully understand the Magnitude of The Father’s Plans, but to obey The Rules He gave, and then the Example He gave another way.

Many men and women, reading These Notes, These Words, would find it difficult to understand, but the important thing for man to do is to live life in the physical purely, so that one day when the time comes, the Soul will rise to Where God is and bear the name of the human one, the one who walked the human path, the one who was tested by man, tested by the enemy of God and man.

It is important for all of mankind to see what human life truly contains, why it was created, and the Importance of All the Examples that were given in previous times.

I am constantly in touch with this woman who walks a very tiresome path, but All of Us Here know her will has been given to The Father, and because of this she will pass all of man’s tests.  So be it.”

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