ON AUGUST 11, 1992 AT 1:40 PM


“I am Saint Andrew.  There are so many men and women throughout the world gathering attention regarding their way of life.  Many of these people would not open their real life for anyone’s attention, for the only thing that is important to them is to gain control, to gain acclaim, to gain importance, so others will be subject to them, to their ideas, and to the power they will gain if the importance comes about that they are fighting for in so many ways and areas.

I come from a different part of the world than yours, and I have been given permission to speak more than once through This Great Miracle.

If mankind could only see how so Many of Us Here in the Heavens watch over this Miracle of Hope, constantly aware of Its progress in the minds of those who are able to, in some manner, receive the Messages The Father permits from Here.

Mankind does not understand the joy when a Soul returns.  All the Choirs of Angels, All of The Saints sing praise in a manner not understandable to man, but hopefully one day, as intended, millions upon millions upon millions upon millions upon millions of Souls will see All that has been given to better understand the Beauty of human life and the Goal The Father intended for it, by returning the Soul that He handed at the moment of conception, now bearing a name that was given by man when the child was born.  This name identifies the Soul Here in the Heavens.

I close with a Blessing and with a Sincere Love.  As you spread the Words throughout the world, Each of Us Here will help you to spread Them to the countries We are from, and My Blessing, though It is short, It is meant in a way you will understand.

God bless you for your Faith in God.  God bless you for your work.  May your Soul return to Where We are, with your name attached to It, and We will remember who you were upon the earth.  I promise you with My Love, I will do all I can to help your Soul to return to Where I am.  So be it.”

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