ON AUGUST 13, 1992 AT 12:46 PM


“I am Saint Maria Goretti.  I enter with much Love, Concern and Hope.  The Father is allowing Me to speak on behalf of all the children throughout the world.

Children are basically innocent because of the Soul that is within the body.  When a child is put into an atmosphere, a situation that is beyond their ability to understand or to recognize as being fatal to their existence, or even fatal because of what it will do to their moral values in life from that time on, the resistance to what they are subjected to is oftentimes cast aside by the perpetrator, by the one who bases all things on satanic rule.

There is no in-between that is logical when one says, ‘moral or immoral’.  Mankind often says, ‘I am not tempted every day, my conscience is clear on that.’ I say, ‘If you know what is right and what is wrong, your conscience, in its decision must automatically choose right, which would be the moral.’

We hear so many excuses from so many in the world regarding their faltering behavioral patterns, and how quickly they justify their decisions when they are wrong.

Many times, a child at the age of one is aware to a degree, of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.  So many times a child at the age of two has become used to accepting what they want to do, because no one has cared enough, corrected enough, instructed enough, to give the child a basis of seeing what is expected as a human being.

Those who pray to Me and connect Me with purity, I listen to their prayers and I do ask The Father for permission to show I care.

Remember This Important Statement:  The correct instruction is necessary, and remember that what is implanted into the mind is picked up by the Soul, but is also placed within the mental to be remembered, because of the will.

I give a Blessing that The Father allows.  The Blessing is in some ways a plea:  Protect the children in every way, because The Father wants all children to understand the importance of learning as soon as it can be, the importance of purity, the importance of having the ability to make decisions because of the free will, and also, to always try to please The Father above all things.  So be it.”

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