ON AUGUST 24, 1992 AT 1:15 PM


“When mankind thinks of an army, he connects it to firearms, uniforms, duty, foreign land, marching, and much regimentation in many areas.  When I walked with an army, it was this way, but there was more than this to my part, and in my part of belonging to this army.  As I listened to the Voices that were Directions in how to proceed in action against the enemy, I would transfer These Words, These Messages to the men who walked with me.  The number of men was great.  They were all ages, all kinds, and all had different degrees of morality.

When the battle was being fought, it was difficult because of the ruggedness of the land and the lack of medicines we had on hand.  The men fought in many ways:  face to face with the enemy, fighting for a cause, a place, a reason they did not all understand, but they were called to duty.  Many volunteered.  Much was accomplished, but what many did not know was that it was accomplished in The Name of God, Who truly was The Leader in every battle we had.

The time in which you live, throughout the world, men are at war with each other, not always in The Name of God, but many times, in a cannibalistic manner, stressing their ideals which are, many times, wrong; trying to get something accomplished that, in reality, could be accomplished in another way than battle, physically tearing apart their body, their reasoning, and yes, their morality.

They call Me ‘Saint Joan of Arc’.  I come to you with a Deep Love, and requested by The Father to speak, for in your time, and in your way, you are fighting a tremendous battle.  Your weapons are obvious, more obvious than a cannon, a sword, ammunition of your day.  You have The Father’s Words to hand with respect, with dignity, with hope, with love, with sincerity, allowing the enemy the reasoning of his or her free will to be used.  Your war is one alone, because The Father is leading it, The Father is directing it.  The Father has given the Weapons only He would use.  Do not be afraid of the battle.  You are the instruments that He uses to give hope to the whole world.  What a Blessing you have been entrusted with, as an army to teach, to serve, to guide, to save Souls.  So be it.”

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