ON AUGUST 27, 1992 AT 1:35 PM


“I am Saint John of The Cross.  There is much confusion, even much dissension in the spiritual world that mankind depends upon, to be instructed properly, regarding all that is necessary for the Salvation of one’s Soul.

There are many men and women with good intentions, but these intentions are not a reliable source, guiding mankind in the right direction.  Man goes to work and he associates with others like himself; a woman goes to work and she, too, associates with others like herself, in this area of living.  There is so much to be concerned about, for immorality is prevalent and it is accepted in great amounts, even by those who individually would not have accepted this type of behavior at another time in life.

When mankind looks for instruction, direction that he or she calls ‘Spiritual hope’, it sometimes becomes such an emotional venture that the reality is lost because of the worthlessness in what they seek as bona fide instruction.  Etherealism has no strength in it, for when this happens, mankind loses sight of the soundness in what is being delivered, what is being practiced, and many times becomes vulnerable to someone else’s selfishness, personal egoism, and there is no real strength, morally speaking, in what is being accepted.

So many men, women and children do not want to be restricted in their moral code of ethics, because they feel it eliminates their ability to sanction what is appealing to them.  God’s Commandments must be spread throughout the world as the Living Rules to be observed, to be followed, with no deviations from Their Full Meaning.

Man says, ‘I want religion.’ God sent a Beautiful Miracle to the world, not eliminating any part of Sound Direction, and yet mankind seeks out a place or a person that sounds more practical, more appealing, because it is so humanistic in its structure, avoiding the Soundness, the Beauty and the Fact that God gave to Moses The Rules for man to live by, and thousands of years later, even though They have been shortened, the Importance of Their Meaning remains within Them.  So be it.”

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