ON SEPTEMBER 1, 1992 AT 2:07 PM


“I am Saint Aloysius.  I have been speaking through this Victim Soul for several hours, giving directions regarding the Words that have passed through her up to this time.

If a man says, ‘I want to read the Words,’ in most cases, I would say, ‘Do not question his motives.’ There will be some who will immediately feel contrary to what is contained, but for the most part there has been so much Enlightenment revealed regarding the Beauty of human life, the Goal of human life, and what a Precious Gift it is to mankind.  Ignore the obstinacy, the criticisms, and even the crude, rude remarks that possibly will come to pass, but as man would say, ‘Consider the source from where they come,’ and do not allow them to interfere with what you know is for the benefit of your Soul, and other Souls.

I hold this little instrument in deep ecstasy because of the horrendous degree of Power that surges through her being so continuously.  As The Father chose a delicate body, nature and personality, the innocence of such a nature finds the responsibility exhausting, but always available for the work to be accomplished for the benefit of Souls.

Everything that We Here have delivered is to be handed to millions of people.  It is basically the only place in the world that so much Direction, so much Information, is being handed out for the benefit of the mind, body and Soul.

This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph was designed for this Purpose, designed to teach all of mankind what has been given thus far, and more to come.  Small children must not be dependent upon the theory that is not thorough, that has been taught for hundreds of years.  Children must be taught the importance of Faith in God, the necessity to understand The Commandments given to Moses, and the Precious Gift of Divine Love passed on to mankind by The Son of God.

There must be more who will instruct the proper way and integrate this with the studies of your day, the practical studies that are so necessary because they are used in your daily living; you say reading, writing, arithmetic, History that is solid in its content, and of course, Spiritual training constantly instilled, along with every other subject, whether it be of a scientific nature, an artistic nature, a creative nature.  Any talent that will be used by man must have morality attached to it, and immorality erased from it.

Throughout the world there are men, women and children who are more apt to follow what is socially acceptable rather than what is spiritually acceptable.

You have many false prophets in your time, and have had for a long time.  I smile when I make this next Statement: The Victim Soul through whom We All speak would not know how to be involved in, or threatened by the immorality.

Many men and women would like to question her personally; I would say more of an interrogation.  She would cast them aside because she would see only satan trying to be pleased by their arrogance and their lack of sincerity, their lack of understanding how God would work through a Victim Soul.

A Victim Soul is one totally responsible to God, obedient to His Will, and ever conscious of obedience to What He Wishes others to know.

I bless you, and I add:  What you pass to others that passes through This Miracle, you may never see the results of, but I, Saint Aloysius say, ‘You must believe Me when I say, “The good that will come will be in such a great abundance, no scale upon the earth would be capable of registering its full measure of weight.”’  So be it.”

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