ON SEPTEMBER 1, 1992 AT 5:08 PM


“I have not spoken for awhile, but I come today to alert mankind to the importance of understanding, if they go to a place where there is entertainment, unusual studies, or a social gathering, that it could be harmful after they enter the door.  I am Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque.

Mankind does not always research places of entertainment, fields of study, or the type of people they will encounter at given places.  A suggestion is brought up by an individual, or several individuals, and it sounds feasible to go because of the inference that was given: ‘It will be enjoyable,’ ‘It has a specific thing to learn about,’ or, ‘It will be unusual in its entertainment.’

Let us go back thousands of years.  There were many places such as what I am speaking of, in that time as well as yours.  People did not always look into what they would expose themselves to in these areas.  They looked at things then as they do now, as being part of living the human role.

Today, as I speak to you, there are countless people walking into the briar patches, some innocently, some not so innocently, some daring, some not so daring, some full of deceit, some not understanding the deceit that they are being introduced to and induced by.

All of Heaven has come forward, instructing mankind, which includes all ages, to not walk in blindness but to walk cautiously, because of the protection necessary for the Soul.

Man says, ‘Demons are a part of the past; if things get too bad just walk out.’ I, Saint Margaret Mary say, ‘Always keep in mind that satan has many means and ways to lock the doors, the entrances, so there is no way out.’

Man talks about drugs.  Every era of time had such horror in it, but in your time it is more prevalent, and it is called, in the beginning, ‘experimentation’, or ‘a chance to avoid unhappiness or some problem momentarily’.  It is not a momentary thing, just as it is not a momentary thing when a Soul becomes so scarred that satanic demons feel they are in total control.

There are many people of all ages who act without thinking, speak without thinking, and become involved without thinking of the consequences.  It is destructive to the mind and the body and the Soul when one forgets to question the reality of what they are about to enter, to partake in, to become a part of.

Man says, ‘I am capable of handling all situations because I am strong-willed.’ A strong will is good when it is protecting the morality, the purity of the individual’s mind, body and Soul.

I have spoken today because of the tremendous turbulence in the world that is taking place, not just in hidden corners but in the open, and because of its boldness, is acceptable.

Man says, ‘I do not want physical harm.’ There are many types of harm more dangerous than physical harm.  Do not get Me wrong, physical harm is difficult to endure, but harm to the Soul is much more difficult, because it is offensive to God and it has more destructive power than any physical harm can compare to.

Please remember What I have spoken.  Please understand that It has been given with Great Love, and please know that as your heart beats in the physical way, The Father’s Heart beats in a Supernatural Way.  So be it.”

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