ON SEPTEMBER 3, 1992 AT 1:10 PM


“A child is taught to memorize a prayer.  A child is taught to remember that something is not to be done or can be done.

Children at a very early age should be instructed regarding God’s Rules to live by.  These Rules should be taught in length so the child does not have to face decisions on minor definitions, and feel that these decisions are then fully acceptable and correct.  Children, at a very young age, have the ability to absorb what is spoken, especially if it is repetitive, but also when it is combined with obvious example.

In the nature of mankind, personal acceptance is needed.  Rejection causes misunderstanding, sometimes even fear.  It is important that mankind understands that example has more effect on the mind, the body and the action, than what man calls ‘hereditary aspect’.

I listen to many pleas for help where mankind feels things are impossible to be gotten, to be arrived at, to be fulfilled.  I am Saint Jude.

It is important, no matter how many say they cannot accept This Great Miracle, that there is no allowing the Words to be stopped from passing throughout the world.  No matter what Dignitary position a man or woman has, they do not have the solution to all things, nor does any one of them have a complete interpretation of the fullness of fact regarding The Father’s Will, The Father’s Manner and Way of Teaching mankind what He Wills mankind to have.

Never stop praying.  It is a beautiful form of communication.  It is dependence upon the Will of God, and God Knows All Things.

There is yet so much to be given because of the different cultures throughout the world, and the different acceptable formulas of understanding about God; the languages differ, and it is important to men, women and children who are born to a particular place, wherein the language can be a barrier to understanding when confronted by words of another language.

The Father, in passing this Beautiful Miracle to the world, through the one He speaks through, is confident that nothing will be stopped that is humanly possible to be accomplished.  A great privilege has been handed to this small area in the whole world.  Responsibility goes with privilege.  Dedication is a major portion, follow-through a must, because without follow-through, there is what man refers to as ‘it’s finished’.  No way can any Portion of This Miracle ever reach this point.  It is in the category of God’s Commandments.  Without the strength, the determination, the follow-through in your day, you would not have heard that They even existed.

Without realizing it, when mankind sees or hears Valuable Information that is helpful to their Spiritual, mental or physical being, It is relied upon, not cast aside.  This is what makes It remain.

My Words are Important.  My Words must be passed to millions.  As I leave you I say, ‘All of Us Here in Heaven take Part in This Great Miracle, because it is The Father’s Will, and It is meant to benefit all races, all colors, all creeds, to find understanding and Purpose for the Goal of Life.’  So be it.”

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