ON SEPTEMBER 4, 1992 AT 10:30 AM


“When man wants others to listen to what he is about to say, especially if it is an important announcement, he will firmly say, ‘Attention please.’ That is what We are shouting from the Heavens: ‘Attention please.’

No Word that has been spoken from Here should be ignored, passed over or eliminated, because Every Word, Phrase, Sentence, Paragraph, Subject, has an Important Directive associated with It, or It makes a Statement of Fact.

There are many who will read the Words and interpret Them according to their mood at that particular time, but I want mankind to understand I do not waste My Time, or man’s, unless I have an Important Statement for man to be alerted to.

So many men in the world would say I only spoke to Moses.  I come to the world now to say, ‘No man is fully aware of What I Would Do, How I Would Do It, Or When.’

I speak through this small Victim Soul of Mine, and All I speak is for the good of all mankind.  I Am The Father.  I Am God.  There is no man in existence, or who has ever been in existence, that can or could understand Me, My Way, My Will, to act in at this time, in this manner, for the benefit of Souls.

All the Words that have been passed through, the Ones that have been put in script, must not be locked up, put in corners, but must be passed throughout the world.  It is My Will it be done.  No man is to stand in the way, because no man fully understands the Importance of the Soul that I am so anxiously concerned about, because of the total devastation that is acceptable where My Rules are concerned.  So be it.”

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