ON SEPTEMBER 10, 1992 AT 1:33 PM


“I am Saint Stephen.  It is true, I began My Words through this small woman in the world at an earlier time.  The responsibility that has accelerated through This Miracle would be too much for man to be able to stand up to, stand in, because of the importance of so many issues that involve so much detailed Information that has never been spoken of in the same concept It now is.

There is a man who will delve into much theory and agonize over his inability to cope with such Important, Valuable Revealings through someone such as this woman.  Everything must be passed to mankind that is possible, and as quickly as possible, because of the terrible heretical situations that are prevalent in every facet of Spiritual life.

A small child was chosen, one who would respect what The Father Willed to be done.  At this moment many men are reading what they try to term as ‘normal thinking’, but as We watch them, We see that in some of them there is much envy, much jealousy, and this is a sadness, because these particular men could be instruments to help others understand the Value of All that has been taught, All that has been given for the benefit of Souls to come Here.

Mankind in the past has thought about the Soul, has been told some things, but never that the Soul was a Portion of God.  Also, at this moment many are denying this Fact because it was not taught to them in the format of their learning years.

In so many places throughout the world, men and women are studying from many languages, what is termed ‘historical views, historical evaluations, historical terminology’.

The Father has given the world This Great Miracle.  Millions of Words have been spoken by Many Here.  So much has been able to be put in writing, because of the obedience and of the Faith in how The Father would work.  All through time so much has been given to mankind, but there have been many cases wherein the task became so great, physical exhaustion beyond tolerance.  This We cannot allow here.

I have not spoken much through This Great Miracle, but as I reach you today, I am also told to tell you that It will continue as long as The Father Wills It to be, because you see, it is so important that mankind fully understands that the Soul, as a Portion of The Father, must be returned to Him.

Mankind does not realize the magnitude in which satanism has entered so many places and in so many people, in so many areas of social entertainment.  Each time someone partakes in any portion of this, the Soul suffers dramatically, drastically.

As I leave, I want you to know All of Us look forward to speaking because We want so much to save Souls.  So be it.”

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